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Guaranteed Fun

Guaranteed Fun

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Worldwide Delivery Onboard

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Best Price

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Shop for Fliteboard models - Fliteboard Air, Fliteboard Pro, the newest Ultra and the most popular 100 l Fliteboard. Accessorize with wing batteries and spares.

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Shop for Seabob Models - F5, F5 S and the World's fastest underwater scooter F5 SR. Accessorize with quick chargers and other extras.

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Shop for Fliteboard models - Fliteboard Air, Fliteboard Pro, the newest Ultra and the most popular 100 l Fliteboard. Accessorize with wing batteries and spares.

FliteboardRentAll models

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Planning & Counselling

The planning phase starts as soon as the design drafts are made. Use our expertise to get advice on the type, model, and number of water toys – specific to your new build’s characteristics.

Our new build team is assembled from experienced yacht crew members with extensive build and refit knowledge, that will guide you and support your decision-making along the way.

Reach out to us for solutions and advice. Contact available 24/7! Reliable information given to you on time.


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Latest Models Guarantee

Purchases at Ocean Premium are guaranteed to include the latest models. If the building is running late, but the purchases have been made in advance, we offer new model exchanges.

Equally so, if the client has decided to change the type or model of the water toys, we are happy to exchange the products and provide you with desired options.

We represent all major water toys brands:


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Test and Training Days

Why not see and experience in person what exactly it is that you are buying? With us you’ll get a deep insight of our products and how to use them.

We will provide water toys from our extensive rental fleet to thoroughly educate and prepare your team.


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Storage Facilities

We make sure products are properly packed and prepared for delivery, and batteries fully charged.

We offer a secure off-site storage for Li-ion batteries and other DGR items.

Li-Ion Battery Storage

Save space in your own facilities. Store your purchases at our storage centers until ready for delivery and embankment on board. This ensures the water toys are delivered to you in perfect conditions.

Batteries are stored in dry and secure environment. We organise pick-up and delivery of the batteries at a requested date and location. The Service includes regular charging and check-up.

You can opt for weekly or monthly storage periods.


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Post Sale Support and Service

Make your clients happy – provide them with the best from the water toy market. Our team will provide record keeping and data storage, which will enable us to stay on top of any updates needed to be done while the yacht is still in the building stage. Our operations will be running parallel to yours, making sure no extra working hours are taken away from your facility.

After yachts come for refits, we will be the ones ready for pick-up, service, and storing of the water toys until the yachts are ready to depart your facility again. ONE WORRY LESS!

Guaranteed Fun

Guaranteed Fun

Worldwide Delivery Onboard

Worldwide Delivery Onboard

Best Price

Best Price

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Water toys for charter yachts

Nautibuoy Platform 675

Nautibuoy Platform 675

In stock

Product Description

1. Top Layer & Linking possibliities:
  • SPORT Series - Teak (end-to-end linking only)
  • VOYAGER Series - Teak (with all linking possibilities)
2. Leisure Package: Both leisure packs comprise two portable comfort seats, two fastening belts anmd two luxury headrests. The difference between the packs is in the size of the seats:
  • Leisure Pack CLASSIC (145cm x 48 cm x 8 cm)
  • Leisure Pack LUXURY (195 cm x 58 cm x 10 cm)
3. Maintenance Pack
  • Maintenance Pack includes Maintenance Cover, 4 x Hose Holders, 2 x Suctrion Cups with Cleats and 2 x Dock Lines
4. Connections options to yacht platform Transom Bumper is a L-bow joint to securely connect the Nautibuoy inflatable deck to the yacht platform. It comes in two sizes:
  • L-Bow Joint 1,5 m
  • L-Bow Joint 2,0 m
  • Transom Bumper (a pair)
Each platform includes 1 x Air Toggle and Accessory pack: Accessory pack Includes:
  • Stowable zipless protective bag (x 1)
  • Air Toggle (x 1)
  • Bravo SUP stirrup pump (x 1)
  • Repair kit with instructions (x 1)
  • Bravo OV10 Pump 3.6psi/250mb (230v or 120v) (x 1)
  • Instruction manual (x 1)
  • Connection straps (x 2)

What I Need to Know

Your own private island Add a new perspective to your yachting experience by taking the comforts of the yacht even closer to the shore. With the NautiBuoy Marine Platform streamed off the back of the yacht or anchored off the beach, you can choose exactly where you want to be and create perfect serenity. Floating comfort Relax at water level Unparalleled luxury at water level. A unique place to share and enjoy the finer things in life whilst relaxing in comfort on one of our platforms. Offering freedom from the confines of the yacht, a new space that’s perfect for sunbathing, finding that moment of peace, or enjoying a blissful sunset.

Seabob Accessories



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Radinn Freeride

Radinn Freeride

In stock

Product Description

One particular distinguishing feature of the Seabob F5 is its extremely low weight. Tipping the scales at just 29kg, the craft boasts a propulsive force of 480 newtons. The E-Jet Power System in the Seabob F5 is controlled in 4 power levels. These increments lend it a sporty character and guarantee absolute fun and the high performance of the craft coupled with the low power-to-weight ratio. The outstanding properties of the Seabob F5 in terms of handling make it suitable for use in water anywhere. It is at home in the sea. It demonstrates outstanding performance on high degree of manoeuvrability, the Seabob F5 can be used in both small and large pool complexes.

Seabob with optimal handling

Easy handling was the uncompromising objective set when developing the new Seabob F5 generation. For this reason, the challenge in terms of development was clearly defined – Low overall weight. Extremely stable housing. Powerful drive. These properties make the Seabob F5 S a unique water sports craft. The vehicle can be used anywhere and offers optimal handling.

Seabob F5 S E-Jet Power System

The worldwide patented E-Jet Power System works according to the principle of water displacement. The water is sucked in by the powerfully rotating impeller and forced out in the channel under high pressure. The thrust developed in this way propels the Seabob forward in superior fashion. Maximum thrust requiring little energy makes the E-Jet Power System a unique drive mechanism for powerful watercraft. Thanks to its electro-technology, the system is absolutely environmentally friendly and offers extremely low operating costs.

High-tech across the board

The specially developed, high-performance electric-drive mechanism with its environmentally friendly technology is an exemplary innovation. The motor is a high torque synchronised drive unit featuring a microprocessor-controlled 3-phase sinus power management system. The application of cutting edge technology enables this motor to achieve the ideal amount of torque with outstanding efficiency. All this, and yet the overall design remains very compact. The power for the drive mechanism is provided by highly efficient lithium-manganese accumulators. These high-performance special accumulators are a top-class quality component in the propulsion concept of the Seabob.

Seabob Accessories



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Merci for all your action taken to arrange the board. Your service is very very much appreciated.


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Ocean Premium delivered a great backup service under difficult circumstances. Thank you both Blaz and Barbara for all your help and finding solutions. The Seabobs and Jetsurf were returned on time, fully serviced and looking like new.


Captain, 29m Mondomarine

We have always had friendly and efficient service from Blaz and his crew at Ocean Premium. They have dealt with repairs and servicing of our F5 and F7 Seabobs, as well as solving a few tricky Segway issues over the years. I would highly recommend working with them and will continue using them in the future.


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It was a pleasure working with you. The service and the availability were just as needed. Thanks for all.


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