The World's Fastest Underwater Scooter

The 3 Seabobs

A Seabob for Everyone

Seabob F5SR

The Fastest

Underwater Explorer

Seabob’s flagship model. The fastest underwater scooter ever build. Increased autonomy and trust. Pure Joy.

Max speed 22 km/h
Weight 34 kg
excl. VAT

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Seabob F5S

Most popular

Prefect Allrounder

Ideal all purpose, all style Seabob. A go-to model for all Charter yachts. Perfect for all family members.

Speed 20 km/h
Weight 29 kg
excl. VAT

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For Beginners

Seabob F5

Light & Playful

An entry model for children and undemanding clients. We’ve taken the edge off to have that peace on mind on-board.

Speed 18 jkm/h
Weight 29 kg
excl. VAT

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Seabob F5. F5 S. F5 S Raise

Unlimited Diving Pleasure

Seabob is the best water toy ever build.

If you are looking for the ultimate driving pleasure, simply head for the water. No boundaries, no limits. Experience vast open spaces and pure freedom with the SEABOB-Jet.

Seabob Extras & Spares


Looking for Seabob Spares? It’s always a good idea to have those on-board.

Fun on and below the water

22 km/h
Surface Speed

Turn on the power.

Easy exploration without boundaries.

riding time

Go Beyond

Unmatched Autonomy​

With up to 120 min of operating time, awe-inspiring maneuverability and the ability to dive up to 40m below the surface, the Seabob lets you explore the underwater world like no other craft on the market.

One charge will give you 2 – 3 hours of fun.

Anything is possible.

Experience an unique agility under water.


The Latest Model


Fly effortlessly for up to 120 minutes per charge with Fliteboards’ dynamic eFoil propulsion system.

2 x Cameras

2 x Full HD Cameras integrated to record your underworld moments.
Selfie ready!


Autonomy is increased to 70min to get the most out of your Seabob with one charge.

Full Control

All important technical data from the engine electronics are shown accurately via the TFT color display.

Wifi enabled

The magnet in the Flite Controller activates the board’s on-off power switch.


Multiple colour variations, custom wraps and chrome packages available to customise your Seabob.

Whats New?

The Benefits

The two tail fins on the Seabob F5SR make for such a strong improvement when driving underwater. They create a sporty look and also further increase maneuverability.

The gear system of the F5SR has also been improved, now including 7 Gears for maximum control.

Unmatched Power

E-Jet Power System

The worldwide patented E-Jet Power System works according to the principle of water displacement. The water is sucked in by the powerfully rotating impeller and forced out in the channel under high pressure. The thrust developed in this way propels the Seabob forward in a superior fashion. Thanks to its electro-technology, the system is absolutely environmentally friendly and offers extremely low operating costs.



Choose Seabob Raise Pack for the best performance


Brushless E-Motor

The quiet electric motor produces enough thrust to propel you at speeds of 22km/h.

Optimized Hydrodynamics​

Designed to be as hydrodynamical as a fish in the water!

Quality Engineering

Generating thrusts of up to 745 N relies on the best materials and engineering in the industry.

10% Performance Boost

Higher Performance setup and added extensive features had made Seabob F5 SR into a high-performance water toy. The power of the jet engine has been increased to 4.5 kW which equals 6 Hp.

That way the thrust output has been increased from 680 N to a staggering 745 N.

Cutting Edge Technology

Made in Germany

The specially developed, high-performance electric-drive mechanism with its environmentally friendly technology is an exemplary innovation.

The motor is a high torque synchronised drive unit featuring a microprocessor-controlled 3-phase sinus power management system.

Purposeful Design

Optimal Handling

Easy handling was the main objective set when developing the Seabob line up. Low overall weight. Extremely stable housing. Powerful drive.

Crystal Clear Dashboard

Ultimate Control

The two tail fins on the Seabob F5SR make for such a strong improvement when driving underwater. They create a sporty look and also further increase maneuverability.

The gear system of the F5SR has also been improved, now including 7 Gears for maximum control.


Capture Every Moment

HD Cameras

The Seabob F5SR comes with two cameras standard. For the F5 and F5S Seabob models, you will need to make sure to select a model with a Camera if you are looking to take sharp photos and videos of your underwater experiences.

​All recordings are saved in the Seabob on-board system and can be directly transmitted to any Smartphone or other alternative storage media with WI-FI technology.

Seabob Media


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