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Seabob repair

Seabob Repair Centre

Maintenance, Warranty & Repairs

The fastest, the easiest and the cheapest way to get your Seabob fixed anywhere in Europe.
Send us your Seabob for repair or maintenance, or get a certified specialist to carry a repair on board your Yacht. Anytime. Anywhere.

Logistics Cost

How to get your Seabob fixed?

While out there cruising your first concern is how to get the Seabob to us, right?

Easy Shipping

Faster & Cheaper than your local repair centre
79 One Flat Rate
  • One Flat rate across The Med
  • With or without Protection Box
  • At your shedule and pace

Bring it to us

3 Certified Repair Centres
0 Handling Fee not included
  • South of France
  • Croatia & Montenegro
  • The Netherlands

Repair onboard

Quick & Efficient
329 Rush Fee (Travel not included)
  • Repairs done within 12 h
  • Priority service
  • All parts available

Cost, repair times. options

Frequently asked questions

We have a policy of transparent pricing. No quote needed, no hidden cost. What you see is what you’re going to pay.

Maintenance packages

Preventive Maintenance

To give you that peace of mind knowing your Seabobs are ready to perform when the season starts, we’ve come up with a packages to cover the basic or extending maintenance.
Preparing Seabob for winter storage

Full system check

Deep clean

Anticorrosion treatment

283 € (excl. VAT)
One Flat Rate

Your Seabob will be prepared for winter storage to prevent any internal part to deteriorate or fail. It includes computer diagnostics, operation, visual check,  salt + corrosion removal, anticorrosion and deep clean treatment, programming battery storage regime.

*Listed price is ex VAT

Full Maintenance
Complete maintenance treatment

Full system check

Breaking points treatment

Anticorrosion treatment

592 € (excl. VAT)
One Flat Rate

Seabob is fully checked and disassembled to treat all breaking points. It includes firmware updates, computer diagnostics, operation, visual and safety check, salt + corrosion removal, anticorrosion and deep clean treatment. All O-rings, worn-out spacers, screws, caps and rings gets replaced in the process.

*Listed price is ex VAT

Basic Maintenance
Essentials to keep your Seabob running

Full system check

Crucial o-rings treatment

Battery treatment

395 € (excl. VAT)
One Flat Rate

Seabob is fully checked and disassembled to a degree that is possible to treat most crucial  breaking points. It includes firmware updates, computer diagnostics, operation, visual, safety check. Charging cap O-ring, battery rings, and caps get replaced in the process.

*Listed price is ex VAT

Pre-season Check
Seabob health check

Full system check

Firmware update

Safety test

392 € (excl. VAT)
One Flat rate

Your Seabob will be fully checked for any possible weak points and failures. It includes firmware updates, computer diagnostics, operation, visual and safety checks.

*Listed price is ex VAT

Across Europe

79€ Shipping Fee

Whether you are in the South of France, Italy, Greece or anywhere across the Mediterranean, you are a Flat Rate away from getting your Seabob to us for repairs or maintenance.

Faster and cheaper than local repair center.

Onboard Repairs?

The Mediterranean. The Caribbean.

Get a Certified specialist technician to carry out the repairs on-board in less than 24h.

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