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One-way Rentals

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Delivery Onboard

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Best Price

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Ocean Premium's Seabob Rental service is designed exclusively for the Superyacht industry in the Mediterranean and Caribbean. Elevate your charter experience by renting Seabobs with ease through our online booking option. Our team delivers and picks up Seabobs directly on-board your yacht, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable adventure. Book now with Ocean Premium.

Seabob F5

Seabob F5

Daily Rental from

343 €

Ships Worldwide

Seabob F5 with Camera

Seabob F5 with Camera

Daily Rental from

350 €

Ships Worldwide

Seabob F5 S

Seabob F5 S

Daily Rental from

380 €

Ships Worldwide

Seabob F5 S with Camera

Seabob F5 S with Camera

Daily Rental from

390 €

Ships Worldwide

Seabob F5 with Camera

Seabob F5 with Camera

Daily Rental from

350 €

Ships Worldwide

Seabob F5 S with Camera

Seabob F5 S with Camera

Daily Rental from

390 €

Ships Worldwide

Seabob F5 SR with Camera

Seabob F5 SR with Camera

Daily Rental from

430 €

Ships Worldwide

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Hassle-free seabob rentals for Yacht Captains, Charter Brokers & Yacht Managers.

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About Seabob Rental

The Seabob is a high-performance electric-driven underwater sled that allows the driver to ride on the surface or underwater, at speed of up to 22 km/h.

At full speed running time is ca. 60 minutes on full charge. General mixed use will last approx. 2 hours. Charging time is up to 10 hours.

Optional quick charger reduces charging time to 90 minutes only.

For Safety reasons the maximum depth is limited to 2,5 m. Upon request, the maximum depth can be reset to 40 m for professional divers.

While Scuba diving with the Seabob, the use of additional weights is recommended to keep the Seabob neutrally buoyant.

Use of goggles is essential.

Seabobs are most fun when used in tandem.

No license required

Seabobs in our rental fleet are bright colours – red, yellow, white or orange – that way it’s easier for the crew members to keep watch-out at all times.

The chargers we supply are 240/60 Hz and 110V/50Hz compatible, and are equipped with EU plugs. To use a DC/AC inverter, a minimum power of 2kW is recommended.

The Seabobs are delivered on-board fully charged and ready to use.

Enhancing Superyacht Experiences

Catering to the Superyacht Industry with Unsurpassed Seabob Rental Services

Ocean Premium is the go-to Seabob rental provider for the Superyacht industry. Our reliable and easy-to-use service takes care of everything from logistics to maintenance, ensuring that your Seabob rental experience is hassle-free and unforgettable. With the widest Seabob rental fleet in the business, we can deliver your Seabob rental on-board your yacht anywhere and at any time along the Mediterranean and Caribbean coasts. Our fine-tuned logistics network ensures fast and efficient delivery, so you can focus on enjoying your time on the water.

At Ocean Premium, we prioritize your safety and satisfaction. Our Seabobs are meticulously maintained before and after each rental, so you can ride with peace of mind. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who trust Ocean Premium for their Seabob rental needs. Book now and let us elevate your water toy game to the next level.

For those staying at a villa or hotel, we also offer weekly and daily Seabob rentals along the French Riviera, Sardinia, Amalfi Coast, Croatia, Greece, Palma & Ibiza, and the Caribbean. We ensure same-day delivery of your Seabob rental to the most popular cruising areas, so you can experience the thrill of Seabob riding wherever you are.

Logistics to/from the yacht

Once you’ve booked Seabob rental, our office will immediately establish a direct line of communication. We’ll make sure all your special requirements are met and possible limitations acknowledged or a narrow time window for delivery confirmed. At the same time we’ll ask you to dedicate a crew member onboard to be responsible for water toys.
In general Seabobs will be delivered onboard by 12h of the day of the rental. As it is often the case, we’ll do everything in our power to deliver the toys early in the morning, before the guests’ arrival.

In some cases – if you prefer – we could deliver the Seabobs one day before. Please coordinate with us – if this option is available, we’ll be glad to help. Prior to delivery on-board, the dedicated crew member will receive a delivery note with all Seabob rental items, parts and accessories listed and get an access to a Knowledge base, including Tips & tricks, Operation manuals, safety briefs and How-tos. We can arrange an instruction au lieu if required.

Dimension & weights

Storage or packed dimensions and weights are shown on each product separately. Information can be accessed by clicking on the rental items above.
Most of the water toys can be handled by your crew while embarking, disembarking or setting up and dismantling.

Do you require technical support?

We are here to help

If you require technical support or cranes of any sorts for loading jetskis, tenders, or heavy weight slides and similar, please coordinate with our office team. We’ll be glad to help.

Have fun anywhere. Anytime.

Get your seabob delivered all around the Mediterranean

Have fun on board

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Merci for all your action taken to arrange the board. Your service is very very much appreciated.


Captain, 33m Custom Line

I just hope that in the yachting industry will have more people like you because it makes a big difference for Captains and guests.

Thanks again for your outstanding work and I wish you all the success that you deserve. All the best for the future and let’s stay in touch.



Ocean Premium delivered a great backup service under difficult circumstances. Thank you both Blaz and Barbara for all your help and finding solutions. The Seabobs and Jetsurf were returned on time, fully serviced and looking like new.


Captain, 29m Mondomarine

We have always had friendly and efficient service from Blaz and his crew at Ocean Premium. They have dealt with repairs and servicing of our F5 and F7 Seabobs, as well as solving a few tricky Segway issues over the years. I would highly recommend working with them and will continue using them in the future.


Chief Officer, 65m Fedship

It was a pleasure working with you. The service and the availability were just as needed. Thanks for all.


Captain, 29m Benetti

You’re amazing. Thank you very much, it’s really appreciated. I’ll be sure to inform management and our guests of your ongoing assistance with all our requirements.


Chief Officer, 86m Oceanco

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Ocean Premium has been supporting yachts and charter brokers with water toy rentals for over a decade. Constantly improving on the feedback of our clients and partners gives us the edge to excel at what we do. Several hundred yachts we work with continuously prove this.

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