Fix the problem before it arrives

Preventive services for your Inflatable

To give you that peace of mind knowing your Inflatable are ready to perform when the season starts, we’ve come up with a packages to cover the regular and ongoing maintenance.

Pre-Season Check

A quick health check to keep you going during the Season

Full Preventive Maintenance

A Full preventive protocol to give you that peace of mind.


Prepare your Inflatable for a Refit/Off season period


Fix you Inflatable. Get it up and running.

Warranty Repairs

Fix you Inflatable free of charge. Warranty last 24 months


Full custom paint-job of upper shell


During Refit or Off-season period.

Ocean Premium Repair centre’s. FASTER and CHEAPER than local provider.

How to do I get my Inflatable fixed?

While out there cruising your first concern is how to get your Water toy to us, right? No worries we have listed the options below. You can simply choose to drop off the toy to be repaired in one of Ocean premium’s service centres.

Palma de Mallorca
La Spezia
La Ciotat

17 Collection points across the Mediterranean

Dropping off your Seabob is

Whether you are in the South of France, Italy, Greece or anywhere across the Mediterranean, you’ve got our Collection Point nearby. Simply drop off your Water toy to one of our Collection points and we will take care of the rest.

Your price shipping from Italy

82€ Flat rate Shipping Fee

Request collection

During your busy season time, is of essence!

Flying doctor

Quick & Efficient

Get a Certified technician to carry out repairs on-board.

Our fast deployable mobile Repair Team will come on board and execute a repair within 12 hours. In The Mediterranean. The Caribbean. Worldwide.

329,00€ Rush Fee (Travel not included)

Request a repair onboard

Need help with repairs?

Ask for support

Reach out for personalized quotations or special arrangements.

[email protected]
+33 767 25 22 44

Send an inquiry instead

Alternatively fill out the form and send us an inquiry. We will come back to you the old fashioned way. In a flash!

Inquire now

Water toys are assets

Maintain and keep their value.

Maintenance is the key. Reduce your down time with scheduled preventive maintenance.

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Maintenance is the key

Reduce your down time

with scheduled preventive maintenance.

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Mid season? Boat full off guests? Water-toy is not working?

Replacement unit on board during your repairs

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