Fix the problem before it arrives

Preventive services for your Fliteboard

To give you that peace of mind knowing your Fliteboards are ready to perform when the season starts, we’ve come up with a packages to cover the regular and ongoing maintenance.

Pre-Season Check

A quick Fliteboard health check to keep you going during the Season

Yearly Preventive Maintenance

A Yearly/50h preventive protocol including Fliteboard mast, FliteBox, Flite remote control and Flitecell check and replacement to give you that peace of mind.


Prepare your Fliteboard for a Refit/Off season period


Fix you Fliteboard. Get it up and running.

Warranty Repairs

Fix you Fliteboard free of charge. Warranty last 24 months


Full custom paint-job of upper shell


During Refit or Off-season period.

Ocean Premium Repair centre’s. FASTER and CHEAPER than local provider.

How to do I get my Fliteboard fixed?

While out there cruising your first concern is how to get your Water toy to us, right? No worries we have listed the options below. You can simply choose to drop off the toy to be repaired in one of Ocean premium’s service centres.

Palma de Mallorca
La Spezia
La Ciotat

17 Collection points across the Mediterranean

Dropping off your Seabob is

Whether you are in the South of France, Italy, Greece or anywhere across the Mediterranean, you’ve got our Collection Point nearby. Simply drop off your Water toy to one of our Collection points and we will take care of the rest.

Your price shipping from Italy

82€ Flat rate Shipping Fee

Request collection

During your busy season, time is of the essence!

Flying doctor

Quick & Efficient

Get a Certified technician to carry out repairs on-board.

Our fast deployable mobile Repair Team will come on board and execute a Fliteboard repair within 12 hours. In The Mediterranean. The Caribbean. Worldwide.

1 870,00€ Rush Fee (Travel not included)

Request a repair onboard

Need help with repair?

Ask for support

Reach out for personalized quotations or special arrangements.

+33 767 25 22 44

Send an inquiry instead

Alternatively fill out the form and send us an inquiry. We will come back to you the old fashioned way. In a flash!

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Preventive Maintenance & Repair

Fix your Fliteboard. Get it up and running.

Warranty Repairs

  • All Warranty Repairs
  • All Repairs outside the warranty period

Ocean Premium Authorised & certified repair Centres are official Fliteboard repair facilities. We use genuine Fliteboard spare parts and follow manufacturers repair protocol to ensure excellence. We fix the following defects: End cap replacement, main bearing replacement, engine replacement, FliteBox replacement, propguard & prop replacement, remote control pairing, trigger and magnet fix, GRP and carbon board repairs, seal replacement. The above is valid for Fliteboard Series 1, Series 2, series 2.2 and Series 3.

Please see the prices in FAQ below.

Fliteboard Preventive Maintenance

Yearly Preventive Maintenance or every 50h

In order not to void your 24 months Fliteboard manufacturers warranty, Flite mast incl. FliteBox, Flitecell and Flite Remoteneed to be serviced every 50 h or at least once a year.

Mast inspection/Leading and trailing edge geometry check/mast main frame straightness/Mast upper and lower flange check/Anode check/Prop guard check/propeller check/Shaft and pin check/End up removal/all O-ring replacements/inner & outer bearing replacement/Silicon oil refill/Fliteboax check/FliteBox pressure test/FliteBox Vent replacement/Propeller spin direction control


Water toys are assets

Maintain and keep their value.

Maintenance is the key. Reduce your down time with scheduled preventive maintenance.

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Maintenance is the key

Reduce your down time

with scheduled preventive maintenance.

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Step-by-step Guides

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Cost, repair times. options

Frequently asked questions

We have a policy of transparent pricing. No quote needed, no hidden cost. What you see is what you’re going to pay.


Fliteboard Warranty Repairs

Your Fliteboard warranty is active for 24 months from the day of the purchase. Make sure you’ve got an invoice from the supplier and serial number of the Fliteboard.

The warranty period is 2 years, beginning with the date of transfer.

Costs incurred in connection with warranty work for transportation of the purchased object to and from the site shall be borne by the purchaser.

– damage caused by vandalism, maltreatment, interference and neglect from the Purchase Date;
– damage resulting from use that does not follow the care and maintenance conditions provided by Fliteboard;
– damage resulting from maintenance that is not in accordance or compliance with the Fliteboard maintenance procedure;
– damage caused by the use of accessories that are not manufactured or otherwise approved by Fliteboard;
– a product in which the seal of any kind is broken;
– damage resulting from use of the product for which it is not designed;
– a product that has been modified or repaired by someone other than by Fliteboard or a person authorised by Fliteboard to do so;
– personal injury, death, property damage or economic loss, however caused;
– Warranty claims made outside two (2) months from when you became aware of the defect or material damage or from when a reasonable person should have become aware of the defect or material damage;
– damage caused by or resulting from normal wear and tear, negligent use, wilful misconduct or malicious or improper use, including but not limited to errors or omissions made by you or another person using the product, use in unsafe locations, and/or use in unsafe conditions, such as inclement weather or otherwise not in accordance with the product manual(s) and/or instructions provided with the product.

In order to receive the two-year Fliteboard warranty, an inspection is required for the first time after 6 months and then every 12 months or 100h (whatever comes first).

– If Fliteboard is opened by unauthorised entity, the warranty is terminated.
– The Fliteboard Limited Warranty is may be void if your Fliteboard has missed the required service schedule.


If your Seabob was damaged and you do not have a valid Warranty, you’ll be charged for the repairs. Your cost will include the Wet/Dry Lock fee + Repair fee as per the fee list below.

Fliteboard Repairs

If your Fliteboard was damaged or failed and you do not have a valid Warranty, you’ll be charged for the repairs.
After initial diagnostics, you will always be informed about the repair costs.

There’s no charge if the issue is covered under warranty.
If your issue isn’t covered, the price depends on the type of repair.
After initial diagnostics, you will receive a quote for approval.

If you’re experiencing an issue with your Flitecell, it might not require a repair.
In many occasions, the battery cells needs to be balanced which can be done by leaving the Flitecell connected to a powered off charger after a full charging cycle, with the magnet still connected (this keeps the Flitecell On only).

If you are technically skilful person, you will be able to replace the impeller & impeller guard, patch carbon fibre or repair a leak on inflatable body.
If fault is severe, we urge you to send your Fliteboard to authorised repair centre.

Connector will have to be replaced. Please contact official Fliteboard service centre to resolve the issue.

Yes. Please see more in refurbishment section.

Fliteboard wings are carbon composite epoxy construction and can be repaired by your local surfboard repair specialist.

BOARD: serial number is written near the opening, where eFoil gets connected to the board.

EFOIL: serial number is written on the Flite electronic box cover, on top of the foil.

BATTERY: serial number is written on the lower part of black sticker, which is positioned on top of the battery.

CHARGER: serial number is written above the charger status indicator light.

You can either ship it, bring it or request for on-site repairs. Fill “Fliteboard repair request” to start procedure.
In most of the cases, shipping Fliteboard eFoil is enough. The easiest and most secure way is to ship it in its designated case that you’ve received it when you purchased your Fliteboard.

Fliteboard mobile repair is available through Europe.
Our mobile technician will provide service at the location you specify.


Fliteboard Preventive Maintenance

To give you that peace of mind knowing your Fliteboards are ready to perform when the season starts, we’ve come up with a packages to cover the basic or extending maintenance.

– Check to see if any water has leaked into the Flitecell cavity.
– Once the Flitecell has been removed ensure that the complete board, including Flitecell compartment, seals, lid and eFoil are washed thoroughly in fresh water. Let the board air dry and then wipe down with a clean, dry absorbent cloth. Ensure that Contact Cleaner is sprayed onto all connections.
– Rinse the inside of the mast (through the notch in the rear of the flange) with fresh water.
– Rinse the Flite controller and connector (under the rubber cover) in fresh water to clean away salt and debris. Ensure a steady stream of fresh water is applied directly into the trigger housing. While doing so press and depress the trigger numerous times to loosen any sand, grit, debris.
– Do not submerge shower or clean Flitecell with any flammable solvents. Wipe Flitecell down with a wet cloth (freshwater), and clean Flitecell contacts and data connector with contact cleaner.
– Do not charge Flitecell immediately after use.
– Apply lubricant / WD40 to the latches and hinges every few weeks.
– Check the board regularly for damage or cracks.
– Inspect the orange, mast flange seal regularly for any damage and ensure its is kept clean and free of any sand, grit or dirt.
– During daily use ensure that the eFoil is removed from the board and wings from the eFoil at least every three days. Ensure Contact Cleaner is applied to all cables and Tef-Gel is reapplied to all screws.
– Remove the wing, fuselage cover and tail, and clean thoroughly with fresh soapy water to remove any built-up salt or sand.
– Pre and post season, the 3 torque screws on the underside of the controller can be undone to release the trigger. This will allow you thoroughly clean and inspect both the trigger, spring and magnet.
– Do not store or keep the Flitecell in hot areas or near heat sources.
– Use 75% charge for long term storage (2 LEDs on), to prevent optimal battery life.
– Do not store the Flitecell fully charged of disccharged.
– Before long-term storage, discharge the battery and charge it back up to 75% (2 LEDs on).

Fliteboard is assembled with many parts, to ensure you smooth, safe and enjoyable ride. Due wear and tear, overall inspection and replacement of motor seals, oil, anode and wing pad is necessary.
Once per year, or every 100 hours (whatever comes first), Fliteboard needs to be inspected and serviced.

Fliteboard can only be serviced by qualified Fliteboard technician who can properly assess Fliteboard condition and take all safety precautions.


Fliteboard Refurbishment

After a season or two it is time to get that new fresh look again.

Seabob Refurbishment

After a season or two it is time to get that new fresh look again.

Cracks on the Fliteboard can be patched with epoxy compound.
If necessary, the board can be repainted for a flawless look.

If the hull is cracked, you need to get your Fliteboard repaired first.
By using your Fliteboard with a cracked hull, you risk getting water in the inner compartment. This can cause more damage to the Fliteboard and even the battery.

Your Fliteboard can have finish in any possible colour.
It can even have its own design, to stand out from the rest.

Yes. Wrap will protect original colour fresh and safe.
– various colour options
– custom & unique design
– transparent protective film

Winter Storage

Winter Storage

During Yacht Refit phase or anytime you’re in need of space onboard or want to get the burden of the proper off-season maintenance to us – winterisation is the way forward.

You should check and if necessary charge your Flitecell every month. Storing your Fliteboard with 75% (2 LEDs) charge will provide the best conditions for battery life-span.

After the battery is charged, you should disconnect the charger from the outlet.
During the charging process, you need to be in close proximity, to ensure optimal charging procedure.

– Ensure that your Fliteboard and its components are clean and fully dry before storage.
– Fliteboard should be stored in a safe, dry place that s away from flammable objects/surfaces with optimal ambient temperature between 22°C and 28°C
– Fliteboard and its components must not be used, charged, or stored below 0°C (32°F) or over 40°C ambient temperatures as it can result in permanent damage
– When storing and not using the Flitecell or Flite Controller for greater than 1 week (long term storage), they should be discharged to a capacity between 50% – 75% for maximum safety

No. You can safely charge Flitecell regardless of the battery level state.

No. Fliteboard electric engine is not affected by long-term storage.

– Assemble the Fliteboard and check if everything is working correctly.
– After long term storage of your Fliteboard components and before use, you are required to charge the Flitecell and Flite controller to 100% using the supplied Fliteboard chargers. These charging processes may take longer than normal (up to 24 hours) but this gives you time to inspect and perform routine maintenance and checks before your ride.
– Perform test drive.
– Sending your Fliteboard to pre-season check is recommended.



Learn more


About Services

Ocean Premium has 3 service centers that repair Seabobs and Fliteboards. They are located in:
– Antibes, France
– Ljubljana, Slovenia
– Haague, Netherlands
We also have mobile service deployment team to ensure repair on-board and around the globe.

Yes. We can arrange repairs for Seabobs, Fliteboards on-board your vessel.

GETTING READY: With remote diagnostics, we can pre-diagnose repairs and order parts to prepare for the appointment. Our Service team may contact you before your appointment to gather additional information about your Seabob or Fliteboard fault.
ESTIMATE: Our technical team will prepare you the estimate, based on remote diagnostics and send it to you for approval.
REPAIRS: Service centre will get in contact with you, to schedule day and time for repair on-board.

Our services for Fliteboards & Seabobs are extending to Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece as also the Caribbean.
If you are traveling on remote areas, we are able to deploy our mobile repair team across the world.

Yes. All technicians were professionally trained and certified by production team.

All repairs are done in the fastest possible time.
Seabobs and Fliteboards are fixed consecutively as they come in.
For critical equipment, where repair time is crucial, we recommend to subscribe to one of our care packages.

We are authorised to perform warranty repairs for Seabob, Fliteboard, Funair & Radinn

Get your item information ready and fill repair request > or give us a call.

You are able to get replacement Seabob or Fliteboard during time, yours is being serviced.
Get in touch with our rental team or subscribe for care package.

– Wrap your Seabob / Fliteboard in bubble wrap and cardboard. – Equip it with a label “Fragile – handle with care”. *To ensure shipping rate, make sure that the package doesn’t exceed measurements 120x60x50 cm
– Let us know if you want us to send you the transportation box.

Technician’s reports are available upon request for items that are repaired and returned to you.

Mid season? Boat full off guests? Water-toy is not working?

Replacement unit on board during your repairs

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