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Elite Water Toys Repairs

Expert repair solutions on-board and ashore, with convenient collection points across the Med, tailored for yacht crews.

Authorised & Certified

Official Repair & Maintenance Centre

Seabob Services

Seabob Services

• Diagnostics
• Impeller Lock & Accu Error Repairs
• Warranty Repairs
• Preventive Maintenance
• Storage & Winterisation
and more

Fliteboard Services

Fliteboard Services

• Diagnostics
• Warranty Repairs
• Preventive Maintenance
• Upgrades
• Carbon Board Repairs
• Storage & Winterisation
and more

Jetsurf Services

Jetsurf Services

• Preventive Maintenance
• Warranty Repairs
• Storage & Winterisation
and more

Inflatable Repairs

Inflatable Repairs

• Repairs
• D-ring replacements
• Valve replacements
• Refurbishment
• Cleaning
• Storage
and more

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Aiming For Zero Downtime?

On-Board Repairs, Wherever You Are

Guaranteed 24-hour response across the Mediterranean. We bring expert repairs directly to your yacht, ensuring you're always ready to set sail.

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Maintenance is the key

Reduce your down time

with scheduled preventive maintenance.

Maintaining Uncompromised Quality

Genuine Parts

In our quest to deliver unparalleled repair services, we adhere strictly to using only genuine, original parts for all repairs, whether it’s for your Seabob, Fliteboard, Audi Aerofoil eFoil, or any other high-quality water toy. We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity and performance of your equipment, which is why we never compromise on the quality of the parts we use.

Commitment to Excellence in Every Repair

Certified Expertise

Our technicians aren’t just skilled – they’re officially trained and authorized by the manufacturers themselves. This ensures that every repair we undertake not only meets but exceeds the exacting standards set by the brands you trust. With our team, you’re not just getting a repair; you’re getting the assurance of factory-level service, right where you are. Whether onboard or off-site, our commitment to using genuine parts and our access to manufacturer-endorsed training means your water toys are in the safest hands, ready to perform at their best once we’re done.

Introducing Your Next-Level Asset Management Solution

Explore TEMPO: The Premier B2B Repair Platform

Efficiency, Control, and Insight for Your Water Toys

Welcome to TEMPO, Ocean Premium’s innovative online portal designed with yacht engineers, crew, and captains in mind. Our platform streamlines the process of scheduling and managing maintenance for all your water sports equipment, ensuring your assets are always ready for action. With TEMPO, gain unparalleled control over your repairs, optimize operations with ease, and track every detail with precision.

Dive into a world where managing your water toys becomes a breeze. We’re excited to hear your feedback and work together to refine the future of water sports equipment management.”


Thinking water toys means

Thinking Ocean Premium.

With Ocean Premium

  • Repairs and Maintenance within 48h anywhere in the Med or The Caribbean
  • Crisis management – preventing the worst case scenarios
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Skilled technicians – priority onboard repairs
  • Known and trusted partner
  • No language barriers
  • Life long post sale support
  • Access to the local Ocean Premium partners
  • Diagnostics and Service reports with pictures and relevant data
  • Store and safekeeping of all records from purchase onwards
  • Access to TEMPO – Water Toys maintenance portal

Without Ocean Premium

  • Embarrassing moments in front of guests/owners with non-functioning water toys
  • Endless searches for service providers
  • Overpricing by local providers
  • Language barriers
  • Limited post sale support
  • No in-house technicians
  • No service reports
  • No service data storage





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Trusted By

For over a decade, Ocean Premium has been providing water toy rentals to yachts and charter brokers. By consistently incorporating feedback from our clients and partners, we have honed our services to achieve excellence. The continuous collaboration with several hundred yachts attests to our superior performance.

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