Why SEABOB Is Still Number One

Why SEABOB Is Still Number One

Seabobs are the epitome of luxury on water. They bring sophistication and glamour, and for this reason they have increasingly gained popularity on yachts of all sizes. The most innovative of all sea scooters, Seabob’s cutting-edge technology, sleek design and superior performance delivers an unparalleled experience, making it the top choice of sea scooters for yacht owners and charter guests. In this blog post we break down its features, and explore why investing in this game-changing device is an excellent choice for your yacht this season.

Let’s dive in…


Seabob’s performance capabilities are unmatched among sea scooters on the market, making it a superior product. Its highly powered, electric propulsion system allows some models to reach speeds up to 22 km/h, allowing guests to accelerate rapidly and to perform high speed manoeuvres on the surface. Its electric motor is waterproof and sealed to avoid internal damage. Its rather unique shape reduces drag and allows for more efficient movement through the water.

Having the ability to dive to an impressive depth of up to 40 meters makes seabobs even more appealing, giving more advanced riders the option of multi-experiences. Riders can use the seabob to snorkel or to explore deeper areas of the ocean easily. The preset depth settings can be altered in the pin-protected Settings Menu.


Seabobs are specifically designed to be user friendly, whatever the rider’s skill level. This has greatly contributed to their popularity. A short introduction by the knowledgeable yacht crew is all that is needed before guests enjoy their own James Bond moments.

The seabob’s steering and propulsion are controlled by holding the two front handlebars, which give its riders control and precision during their manoeuvres. This sets it apart from other sea scooters.

By correctly extending one’s arms to hold the handlebars, the rider maintains stability when diving and doing turns, ensuring less of a chance of capsizing or tipping over.

In addition, the seabobs buoyancy in water makes it convenient to get to if the rider lets go of it. Letting go of the controls or losing one’s grip  also automatically stops the seabob from propelling forward, adding to its safety features

Our Knowledge Base page on our website, provides you with basic, easy-to-understand instructions for operating your seabob at various speeds on the surface and when diving down. It is a useful resource for operation and troubleshooting. The professional after sales services that Ocean Premium provides, sets Seabob apart from other sea scooters.


Seabobs can be used in both shallow water and deep, making it an ideal choice for  a wide range of water adventures, such as snorkelling and free diving.Its ability to move easily both on the surface and underwater makes it one of a kind.


Seabobs add luxury,  style and aesthetic value to your yacht. Its modern design is sleek, with a streamlined frame.

We offer a range of colour and surface customization options, wraps and chrome packages, even matching your yacht’s colour scheme. Graphics and identifiable decals and logos are part of the customization options. This additional service also sets them apart from most sea scooter companies on the market.

The variety of models also makes this a water scooter above all others. Factors to consider when choosing the right model for you include speed, range, battery capacity and the users’ age range and skill levels. Going for an advanced model with superior diving performance is best if one is needed for deeper dives. We can help you to choose the right seabob for your needs.

The F5SR models are the fastest, most efficient water scooters existing today. Compared to other water scooters, its speed is unmatched. Even within the model range, there has been considerable improvement in from 18km/h with the F5 model, to an impressive 22km/h with the F5SR models.

The F5SR model’s seven gears offers significantly improved control of the Seabob. Add that to its jet engine, this model provides the rider with power and manoeuvrability like never before. We strongly recommend upgrading your current Seabob to the latest model.

Another good reason to upgrade to the F5SR model is its unique feature that sets it apart from other similar devices. This is the inclusion of two, rear tail fins. These greatly increase its ability to manoeuvre the Seabob with ease through the water.

All Seabobs provide unmatched autonomy, a feature that makes them excel over all other sea scooters. They give riders more agility when doing sharp turns, rolls and dives as if they are an extension of the rider. Diving downwards, below the surface, is a small matter of simply steering its nose downwards and applying light pressure with the body.

Seabobs now also have an optional HD two-camera system (integrated upon request), which allows its rider to capture incredibly stunning footage underwater. One camera sits on the bow of the seabob so its rider can capture all the footage and experiences from the front. Another ‘selfie’ camera can be integrated to face the rider. Having two views of the same underwater moments is priceless, isn’t it?

This revolutionary toy is a powerful adversary to all other sea scooters. Take our word for it.


SEABOB stands out from all other sea scooters thanks to its sustainability. Its eco-friendly, electrical motor has no harmful, carbon emissions. It operates quietly through the water, allowing for lengthy underwater exploration of marine life, without disrupting the natural environment or sensitive ecosystem.


Safety is a top priority on yachts, and this was certainly considered in the design and function of the Seabob. Their advanced safety features make them an attractive investment for any yacht owner.

One of their built-in safety features makes them automatically shut off once they reach the preset depth. The depth sensor will immediately shut off the engine if the rider exceeds the preset depth, a very useful, emergency cutoff function. This is extremely important as it prevents injuries and accidents from occurring unnecessarily.

In addition, a warning system on the dashboard  alerts users when the battery is low so there is time to get back to the yacht.


Seabobs have become increasingly popular because they allow yacht guests the exhilarating experience of exploring the ocean in a versatile, fun and eco-friendly way. They enhance the guest enjoyment immensely and add great value to charters.

Ocean Premium makes purchasing these revolutionary water toys as easy as a click away. Let’s start the easy process of obtaining yours today.


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