Solutions To Pain Points: Yacht Captains and Charter Broker Edition

Majestic super yacht with an array of water toys spread on the blue waters of a secluded Caribbean bay. Watertoys available through Ocean Premium's luxury water toy rentals.
Photo of Superyacht Apho in the Caribbean by Amelias_Game_of_Drones

Effortless Water Toy Rentals For Yachts

Q & A With Ocean Premium's Head Of Rentals

Q: What is the mission of OCEAN PREMIUM for the upcoming Caribbean Yachting season?

A: Our mission, always, is “Happy guests, proud captains and charter brokers”

Q: What islands of the Caribbean does Ocean Premium service and what do the bases offer? What, exactly, are the conveniences of renting water toys via Ocean Premium’s central hubs?

A: Our Caribbean bases include St. Maarten, Bahamas and on a smaller scale, Antigua. From these bases we can deliver to other islands – we need a bit more advanced notice for other islands in order to arrange the transport, especially true for the electric toys which cannot be shipped by air. We also supply from the BVI (Tortola). From here we deliver to St. Thomas.

Q: What toys are available for rent during the Caribbean season?

A: Caribbean bases offer the most popular water toys: Seabobs, e-foils, yacht slides, pools, climbing pyramids (Jungle Joe, Pirates Tower, Jungle Jim). Others are per request. This season, we are bringing the sleek Audi e-tron foil by Aerofoils into our rental fleet, as well as the Fliteboard Series 3. For electric surfboards, we will now have the Awake Ravik for rent.

Q: What are one-way rentals?

A: Charters may start and finish at different locations. The yacht can get the toys at one location (e.g. St. Maarten) and drop them off elsewhere (e.g. Antigua). This is possible without extremely high logistic costs, because we have several rental bases in the Caribbean.

Bookings Made With Just A Click

Q:  Can you explain your booking platform?

A: Our useful booking platform offers instant availability checks of all water toys, on any location, for any date. At the same time it shows all the costs – Rental fees + logistic costs.

In case the requested item is not available at the location, the system will show availability in the nearest location, including delivery costs from that location. Also, in case the item is not available for the whole period, there will be information when it can be delivered (maybe the client would consider rental for shorter period).

Charter brokers and captains may get the access to their personal dashboard (they can register on the app via our website) where they can do the following:

– check availability & prices

– share the quotes with their clients

– keep all quotes & bookings at the same place

– book online or just make a reservation

Q: What advantages does the platform offer to brokers and captain, in terms of efficiency and ease of use?

A: Immediate information if requested toys are available for the charter period

– Immediate information about the cost (Rental fee + transport cost)

– Immediate information if requested toys are available from other location and what would be the additional cost to get it to requested location

Q: Are there discounts or special rates for long-term charters or frequent bookings?

A: For a long-term bookings please contact our team to get a special deal

Q: What happens if there are issues with the equipment during a charter? How do you handle such situations?

A: We have an exclusive 24/7 emergency number for any help or assistance you might need. We are also available via WhatsApp via our website button. We aim to provide you with the best possible support.

Q: How can yacht charter brokers and captains get in touch with Ocean Premium for further inquiries and assistance?

A: Email: [email protected]

Whatsapp: Click the icon on our website

We would love your feedback on what your pain points are during the Caribbean yachting season, so we are able to improve our services to you. Please join our community on LinkedIn at OCEAN PREMIUM and follow us on social media @oceanpremium.


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