Incredible Advice On Renting vs Buying

When it comes to enjoying water-based activities, the allure of owning your own water-toys may be strong. The thought of having immediate access to jet skis, e-foils or even floating trampolines is undeniably appealing. However, before diving headfirst into a purchase, it is essential to consider the alternative: renting the same water-toys. Renting offers a multitude of benefits that can enhance your aquatic adventures, all while freeing you from the responsibilities and costs associated with ownership. Let’s explore the incredible advantages of renting water-toys, from the freedom of trying a variety of equipment to the convenience of maintenance-free enjoyment.

Testing The Waters

Try Before You Buy

Renting water-toys provides an excellent opportunity to try different brands, models or types of toys before making a purchasing decision. This allows you time to test them out and determine which ones are best suited to your preferences, needs and skill level. By renting first, you can make an informed, first-hand decision and invest in the toys that you truly enjoy and will use frequently in the long run.

This approach also allows for better understanding of the toys, their features and functionality, as well as their suitability for your resort or yacht. Renting before buying will allow you the opportunity to evaluate alternatives, compare options and even avoid mismatched expectations that may arise from purchasing blindly.

Enjoy At A Fraction Of The Price

Cost Savings

Purchasing luxury water-toys can be a significant investment, especially if you consider maintenance, storage, and potential depreciation over time. Renting water-toys eliminates the upfront costs associated with purchasing and allows you to enjoy the same toys, at a fraction of the price. It is a significantly more cost effective solution, particularly if you only use the toys occasionally or during specific times.

The Challenge Of Limited Space

No Storage Hassles

Storing water-toys can be challenging, especially for yachts with small garages or one-season yachts that winter in a shipyard or port every year. Renting during the active season is an appealing option, as it eliminates the need for permanent storage. This also allows you to optimize the available storage space and maintain an organized environment on board. Instead of having to find space for kayaks, jet skis, aqua parks and more, you can simply rent the specific water toy for each excursion or yacht charter. Different activities can be experienced without cluttering the garage or deck.

Small Yacht Garage with water toys

Whether you are planning to set up an inflatable aqua-park, organize a shoreline kayak tour for all the guests, or entertain the guests with a flyboard show, the convenience of renting eliminates the need to find long term storage solutions and allows you to have the right water toy available, when desired.

A Toy For Everyone

Variety and Flexibility

Renting water-toys for your yacht’s charters adds an exciting dimension of variety to the guests onboard experiences. With a diverse selection of water-toys currently available for rent, you are able to offer everyone a range of activities to choose from, whether it be thrilling adventures of flying over water on electric foil boards or more serene pursuits like snorkeling and stand-up paddle boarding. ¬†Rentals provide access to a wider range of options and allows you to try different toys based on your preferences and the specific activities you and your yacht guests want to engage in. This results in personalized charter experiences. Additionally, renting means you can switch toys based on location, and coastlines. This adaptability ensures the uniqueness of each charter.

The Latest And The Greatest

Up To Date Equipment

Rental companies, such as Ocean Premium, often update their inventory with the latest water-toys and equipment. By renting, you end up having access to newer models and advanced features without the need to constantly upgrade your own toys. This allows you to experience the latest technology and innovations in water-sports. Recently, Ocean Premium added two highly advanced, innovative e-foils to its rental list, the Fliteboard Series 3 e-foil and the Audi e-tron foil by Aerofoils.

Focus On Enjoying Your Adventures

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Owning water-toys comes with the responsibility of maintenance, repairs and storage. By renting, you can skip the hassle and costs of maintaining and servicing the toys. The general costs associated with their upkeep shifts towards the rental company. Rental companies, such as Ocean Premium, take care of the servicing, cleaning and yearly checks. They ensure that the equipment is in excellent working condition, properly cleaned and ready for your enjoyment. By renting, you can simply focus on the thrill of using the equipment without the burden of ongoing maintenance tasks. Not only does this save your yacht crew time and energy, it reduces financial burdens as you don’t have to worry about the additional costs associated with owning the toys. It’s an easy way to indulge in your favorite water-sport activities, until you are ready to purchase.

Ocean Premium’s rental units are meticulously checked and maintained while at our repair centers and storage facilities. You can have peace of mind that our toys are in top-notch condition in time for your rental. While in your possession, feel free to contact us if you have issues or questions that need troubleshooting.

Ocean Premium offers expert guidance on how to properly use and operate the water-toys. We can offer safety instructions and tips to help you through your rental period.

24 Hour Support For Yachts And Charter Brokers

Rental Solutions For Yachts Of All Sizes

Ocean Premium has been the leading source of high quality water-toys to yachts and for various events around the Mediterranean and Caribbean for over ten years. We have helped hundreds of yachts to get equipped with the latest and the greatest water toys – Seabobs, Fliteboards, jetskis, motorized boards, e-foils, towables, inflatable aqua-parks and custom-fitted yacht slides, platforms and docks. Do you have guests on board requesting additional water toys? Choose among 200+ water toys available for rental to superyachts anywhere in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

Immediate availability, one-way rentals and best, transparent pricing are our standard. In the last decade, we have proved ourselves to be a reliable partner to charter yachts and charter brokers, ensuring that more than 25,000 guests experience unforgettable memories onboard. Try our improved water-toy booking platform, TEMPO, where you can browse water-toy rentals, check real time availability and book online.

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