4 Tips: Level Up Your Yacht’s Treasure Hunt

“As the sun casted its golden glow upon the picturesque coves, an intrepid group of treasure hunters embarked on a quest, seeking elusive clues hidden within the seascape.” This is the surprising way the story began when we asked the second stewardess on a world traveling yacht to tell us about the extravagant treasure hunts they organize for their guests.

Why do prestigious yachts, such as M/Y Nero, proudly boast of their interactive treasure hunts for their guests? It’s because activities like these have the remarkable ability to bring people closer together, and  are unequivocally engaging. Treasure hunts encourage families and friends to participate in a way that fosters a sense of unity and camaraderie. The time spent together in the pursuit of the common goal, forms indelible memories, as siblings strategize, parents guide and generations bridge the gaps through the shared experience and teamwork.

Deserted beach is perfect for a treasure hunt


The concept of a treasure hunt on board is an ideal fit for a yacht charter, and can be themed with a storyline that aligns with the location of the yacht. For example, a charter in the Caribbean or Croatia can be outfitted with a dramatic pirate’s theme, complete with climactic music from Hans Zimmer adding to the ambience. Mediterranean charter destinations, such as Sardinia and Greece offer clear, turquoise water, and white, sandy beaches, which become an enticing backdrop for the perfect treasure hunt.

With a bit of creativity, the crew can design a treasure map of the area, that indicates where guests should use the water toys to search for clues or complete challenges. Instructions can be given in the form of riddles or encrypted messages, adding an extra layer of intrigue. Strategically hiding clues and objects at various accessible locations on a beach and around various coves, encourages the use of the water toys to approach them


Hidden treasures for your yacht treasure hunt
Take your yacht charter to the next level with a treasure hunt. Photo credit Pelorusx Adventure treasure Hunt Holidays.


Incorporating water toys into your charter’s treasure hunt takes it to a whole new level of enjoyment. It makes it more fun and inclusive for all ages, while adding an incredibly exciting and adventurous element to the experience. By utilizing your seabobs, jet skis, kayaks and even tenders to create challenges, you can upscale your themed hunt with thrilling adventures.  Here are some creative ways the crew can use your yacht’s water toys when executing a treasure hunt for the guests

Level Up Your Yacht's Treasure Hunt Tip 1

Incorporate Seabobs

Highlight the Seabob as an important tool for the treasure hunt. Explain that it will be used to navigate and explore specific areas of the sea or hidden underwater locations. Plan a specific diving or snorkeling route that guides guests to varying locations where they can find some of the clues or hidden treasures, submerged in waterproof containers. The Seabob will enhance the mobility and speed of the guests during these over and underwater excursions.

Incorporating unique underwater landmarks, such as coral reefs, sunken artifacts, or underwater caves, adds points of interest. These landmarks can even serve as clues or be part of the treasure hunt’s storyline. A great feature of the Seabob is its optional, integrated HD cameras. If your Seabob has them, encourage the guests to capture their Seabob adventures and document their progress during the treasure hunt. This adds to the excitement and serves as a memento of their experience.


Seabob under water
Photo by Municipal of Bonifacio

Level Up Your Yacht's Treasure Hunt Tip 2

Add A Thrilling Jet Ski Race

 Set up a thrilling jet ski relay race as part of the treasure hunt. Divide guests into teams and provide them with clues that guide them to different checkpoints along the beach or race course. At each checkpoint, they must complete a specific, fun task before passing the baton to the next team member. The race can involve navigating buoy markers, collecting puzzle pieces, or even performing water-based challenges.


Jet ski race
Race to the next clue

Level Up Your Yacht's Treasure Hunt Tip 3

Include Challenges Using Inflatables

Why not incorporate Schiller water bikes, kayaks or stand-up paddleboards into the treasure hunt. Start by providing your guests with clues that lead them to specific coastal landmarks or hidden coves. They can water cycle, row or stand-up paddle to these locations and search for hidden clues or treasures along the way. This adds a sense of exploration and adventure while utilizing the more tame watercraft available. 

How about creating an inflatable obstacle course in the water, incorporating slides, climbing walls, and other fun elements of an aqua park? This is a great feature to add to your yacht’s treasure hunt. Hide some clues or small treasures within the inflatable obstacles, challenging participants to navigate through the course while searching for the next clue. This adds an element of physical activity and challenge to the treasure hunt.


Schiller Bikes
Schiller Bikes



Level Up Your Yacht's Treasure Hunt Tip 4

A New Twist On Walking The Plank

Ensure that your last clue leads guests back to the boat, where they will need to complete one final task near the entrance of the yacht slide,the dreaded pirate’s punishment. Instead of the traditional ‘walking the plank’, guests will have the ultimate adrenaline rush, as they jump unto the slide from the top deck and take a thrilling slide to the ocean. Have them swim back to the swim platform where X marks the spot on the deck or beach club and they can uncover their treasure and celebrate their successful hunt.


The thrilling adrenaline rush of a yacht slide

Ocean Premium can help you to upscale your treasure hunt with its amazing array of water toys for rent and purchase, all along the mediterranean and Caribbean. Creative companies such as Pelorusx and Luxury Treasure Hunts by Charlie Moretti, design and execute tailored treasure hunts for your adventure seekers. We can collaborate with any external companies you have selected to help you to plan and action your treasure hunts.


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