Yacht Slide

Put a Water Slide aboard your yacht

Custom and Adjustable

Yacht slide for any yacht

Yacht slides are fun. No doubt about it. But yes – you need practice to set them up.

We can build a custom yacht slide that will fit any yacht size. From the bow, from the stern, from the main deck or upper deck. All is possible. If your yacht dimensions fit, and you’re eager to get on the water sooner, we’ll supply you with an Adjustable yacht slide – a one-size-fits-all yacht slide out of the shelf.
Yacht Slide

The 2 Yacht Slide types

A water slide for everyone
Most popular
Adjustable Yacht Slide
Adjustable from 2.0 m to 8.0 m

Off -the-shelf design fit for purpose. Adjustable slide fits most yacht sizes. Available for swift delivery. Best choice for hedonists.

Choose your base height
Add base supports for even more adjustability
excl. VAT
Fully customizable
Custom Yacht Slide
Get a perfect fit

When you've got special color logo or design requirements or your deploy area is limited - Custom yacht slide should be your choice.

Measure the height from WL to top of the rail
Imagine. Only gravity is you limit.
excl. VAT

Yacht Slide Extras & Spares


Looking for Water slide Extras?
It’s always a good idea to have those on-board.

An additional base, repair kit or a couple of Turbo pumps to get from zero-to-hero faster.

Yacht Slide repair kit
€ (excl. VAT)
excl. VAT
Ships Worldwide
Yacht Slide Base
€ (excl. VAT)
excl. VAT
Ships Worldwide
220V Electric pump
€ (excl. VAT)
excl. VAT
Ships Worldwide
Inflatable water mat
€ (excl. VAT)
excl. VAT
Ships Worldwide

How to choose yacht slide

Custom or Adjustable slide?

Yacht water slide
A custom fit is always better than off-the-shelf design, right?

Well, not necessarily.

Designing a Yacht slide is not a rocket science. Your custom slide will indeed be designed using your yacht’s actual measurements, however the structure needs to stay flexible and adaptable, meaning a wide tolerance is required due to waves and yacht’s movement at anchor. This, in theory, defeats the purpose of having something custom fit in the first place.

We recommend

When to go custom

Through years of experience supplying yachts with inflatable slides, custom docks, and platforms, we believe the custom fit only makes sense:
for slides deployed from bow area
for slides higher than 8.0 m
if your deployment area is very limited
other special requirements
when custom colour and logo are essential
for slides deployed from bow area custom yacht slide check list
for slides higher than 8.0 m custom yacht slide check list
if your deployment area is very limited custom yacht slide check list
other special requirements custom yacht slide check list
when custom colour and logo are essential custom yacht slide check list

How to order?

Custom Yacht Slide

custom yacht slide technical drawing
There is only one measurement we need, to provide you with a quote for your custom yacht slide.
There is only one measurement we need
to provide you with a quote for
your custom yacht slide.
Once you’ve got the measurement, fill in the form below and send us an inquiry. We’ll come back with an offer, as well as 3D renders and drawings.
Custom Yacht slide
M/Y Aurelia
Custom Yacht slide
Bow deployed
M/Y Illusion
Custom Yacht slide
Upper deck
M/Y Nita K
Custom Yacht slide
Upper deck
M/Y Revelry
Custom Yacht slide
Upper deck
M/Y Suri
Custom Yacht slide
Bow deployed
M/Y 11 11
Custom Yacht slide
Middle deck
M/Y Maltese falcon

Yacht slide best practice

How to set up a yacht slide?

We assume you will be storing your slide in the garage. In case you keep it on the deck, next to the deployment area, the procedure is even easier as there is no lifting needed. Simply roll out the slide, bring it over the rail and inflate half way. Then follow step 3 and continue.

The use of a yacht crane for lifting the slide out of the water is a nice-to-have feature, but not essential. If using crew man power – It is important to tie the lifting ropes to D-rings on the slide’s body while simultaneously lifting the slide over the rail.

Develop your own technique suited for your yacht and deployment area and use the below steps as a guidance.

Practice makes perfect – like with most things in life.

Step 1

Inflate body and slide out

1. Unroll the slide out of the garage and onto the swim platform. A fair amount of the slide can be rolled out into the water as long as 1/3 is onboard. Make sure the top section of the slide is onboard and the end is in water. To save time, you can use multiple pumps to inflate the body.

2. Inflate the slide body to operation pressure (1psi). Keep arm tubes deflated.
Yacht slide handling - set up and retraction step 1

Step 2

Attach lifting ropes

3. If using a crane – attach lifting harness onto specified lifting points on the head of the slide (top section of slide)

4. Maneuver the slide off the platform, into water and float it around to the deployment side.

5. Lower the davit cable and attach to lifting harness
Yacht slide handling - set up and retraction step 2

Step 3

Lift up and tie down

6. Lift the slide up onto the railing.

Yacht slide handling - set up and retraction step 3

Step 4

Inflate the rest

7. Inflate the side arm tubes

Yacht slide handling - set up and retraction step 4

Step 5

Connect and secure

8. Inflate the separate stair piece and secure it to deck. Some yacht slide will come without separate stair piece.

9. Attach the slide body to the stair piece

Yacht slide handling - set up and retraction step 5

How long does it take?

Set-up time

Yacht slide set-up time may vary depending on the design and size of the slide. It also depends on the desired yacht’s set-up location – main deck, upper deck, sun-deck or bow area.
General set-up time is 30 – 45 min. Developing techniques through practice will allow for a faster, more efficient process. Using a yacht crane can be helpful sometimes, but is not essential. Get the technique ready, brief your crew and practice.

Talk to our team of experts for guidance and best practice

Slide Accessory pack

What's included

All Adjustable and Custom yacht slides are supplied with the Accessory pack.
1 x Repair kit with instructions
1 x Electric Pump 2.7psi (230v or 120v)
1 x Instruction manual
Yacht Slide Accessory Pack

Yacht slide features

What to look for
Yacht slide - Ultra compact design
Ultra compact design

Using the very latest materials that are stronger and with super slick finish makes slides fold tighter and lighter. That  helps with the ease of storage and handling by 2 people.

Yacht Slide - Ultra slick vinyl
Ultra slick vinyl
Ultra slick vinyl eliminates coversheet, which reduces weight, pack size and areas that can trap water tp cause mold.
Yacht slide - integrated water distribution
Integrated water distribution
Integrated water distribution provides continuous water flow for fast sliding simply attaching a standard water hose connection.
Yacht Slide Commercial Grade material - 1000 denier PVC
Commercial grade material
Yacht slides in order to be durable need to be made out of commercial grade 0.6/0.9 mm 28*26 1000 denier PVC or better,  with FR and UV ratings, 12 oz denier baffling and hot air welded seams.
Yacht Slide Fittings and Handles

Fittings & handles

316 stainless steel (SS) D rings, crane straps, reinforced crew-lifting handles and non-slip material on steps.

Yacht Slide Structure
Stable structure

Yacht slides can be designed with a leg support (LS) or without – no leg-support slide (NLS). Structurally any yacht slide higher than 8.0m from the WL: will require a leg support.

Yacht slide - multiple anchor points
Multiple anchor points

multiple anchor points on the yacht slide body and legs are essential for securing the structure back to the yacht.

Yacht Slide - multiple inflation & deflation points
Multiple inflation/deflation points
Simultaneously using multiple valves and pumps will reduce the time to inflate or deflate your slide. Make sure the valves are positioned where you can access them. Our suggestion is to have several on the top of the stairs and on the base of the slide.
Yacht Slide Cleaning
Easy to clean
Using world-class slippery finish makes cleaning your yacht slide easier and reduces the risk of mould or mildew forming in hidden creases.
Yacht Slide a good fit and design
A good fit
By 3D CAD models, yacht slide can be designed to fit your yacht seamlessly. Generally we only need a Yacht General Arrangement or a Measurement form.
Yacht Slide Customization

We can work with you designer to get a perfect color match and use yacht’s logo to express your message.

Yacht Slide Safety
Plenty of handles and reinforced crane lifting points make handling by crew much safer and in control. Smooth vinyl arms prevent guest slide burns and n–jump net keeps riderrs safe.
Need to learn more?

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for that final peace of mind? See what others have asked us.

There are 3 different board on offer.
Fliteboard – 5’8”x28”, 100L is the best size for most riders from 50kg to 90kg who are willing to take a few sessions to really get the hang of it.
Fliteboard PRO – 5’0”x24.5”, 70L is the smallest board for the most responsive ride when foiling. It is more difficult to learn on and getting going is more challenging, particularly for heavy riders and in choppy water conditions.
Fliteboard AIR 6’8”x30”, 175L is an inflatable board with the most stability, suitable for beginners to get up and riding during their first session. The inflatable construction makes this board light weight, more impact resistant, and very easy to transport.

The epoxy construction boards, Fliteboard and Fliteboard PRO, can be repaired by your local surfboard repair specialist. The inflatable construction Fliteboard AIR may be repaired using the included repair kit. Fliteboard Limited Warranty covers damage caused by defects in the materials or workmanship of the product only.

Yes, most components except for the Foil Power Unit can purchased separately. A second Flitecell, Flitecell Charger, front wing or even board are available as add-on components.

Yes, the Cruiser and Flyer wings are compatible and interchangeable with any Fliteboard.

The Fliteboard and Fliteboard PRO boards are crafted with advanced PVC and carbon sandwich construction. The timber finish boards are finished in high quality ash top and biax-carbon bottom. The white and black boards are finished in ballistic grade carbon Innegra top and biax-carbon bottom.

The Flitecell charges using a special charger that plugs into a standard household wall socket, either 220-240V or 110-120V.

The time to fully charge the Flitecell depends on the capacity, either 30 Ah or 40 Ah, and the current available by the wall socket used. Expect charging times of between 2 and 3.5 hours depending upon individual circumstances.

Unfortunately electric vehicle batteries are not permitted on passenger aircraft. Depending on the route, it may be possible to ship the Flitecell separately on a dedicated cargo plane, via road or sea transport.

The Flite Controller display shows the remaining Flitecell power as voltage, remaining time and range (based upon your power consumption). An efficiency screen on the controller displays watt hours per kilometre, to guide you to speed up or slow down to maximise your ride time and range.

In addition, the specially configured Battery Management System will reduce the power available when the Flitecell is close to running out. This gives you enough power to motor slowly back to shore, but not enough power to foil. For safety reasons, you should never ride further from shore than you are prepared to swim.

Our Standard Flitecell Charger charges in 4.5 hours whilst the Fast Charge Flitecell Charger charges in 2.5 hours.

The top speed of Fliteboard depends on A) The wing used, B) The rider’s weight, and C) rider experience. In our testing an 80kg rider using the Flyer wing achieved a top speed of 40km/h. The same rider with the Cruiser wing can achieve a top speed of 34km/h. We expect these performance metrics to improve as we further refine wings, propulsion and propeller for final production.

Fliteboard wings are carbon composite epoxy construction and can be repaired by your local surfboard repair specialist.

About the 60cm mast. The Fliteboard AIR is compatible only with the 60cm mast eFoil unit.
The Fliteboard and Fliteboard PRO are compatible with both the 75cm and 60cm mast eFoil units. So you can interchange almost everything – except that you can’t use the 75cm mast eFoil units with the Fliteboard AIR boards.
The benefits of the 60cm mast are that it is more user friendly – it is less likely to fall on the wing, and when the rider falls it will be from a lower height above the water – and that it is less extreme – since the maximum height above the water is less. The benefits of the 75cm mast are that riding in choppy conditions is better – since there is more range of height to fly above the chop – and that the board can be carved harder and in tighter in the turns – because the mast allows for a lower angle in the turns before the board touches the water.

Fliteboard wings are built in a high pressure, pre-preg carbon fibre construction for stiffness and strength.

The top speed of Fliteboard depends on A) The wing used, B) The rider’s weight and height, and C) rider experience. In our testing an 80kg rider using the Flyer wing achieved a top speed of 40km/h. The same rider with the Cruiser wing can achieve a top speed of 34km/h. We expect these performance metrics to improve as we further refine wings, propulsion and propeller for final production.

Ride time and range are dependant upon A) Rider weight B) Average speed and C) Wing choice. In testing an 85kg rider achieves a range of over 25km using the Flyer wing at an average speed of 25km with a continuous run time of approximately one hour – using the ‘Explore’ Flitecell. The same rider achieves a 40 minute run time and 18km range using the Flyer wing and Sport Flitecell. Lighter riders will achieve a greater range and run time, and heavier riders will achieve less.

Remember this is continuous riding time. Most riders are likely to have tired legs before the Flitecell goes flat! The Fliteboard engineering team is still making final refinements and metrics may improve further in the final production model.

Learning to Fliteboard is different for everyone. We have seen experienced surfers foiling in five minutes, or take a three to four sessions before they can comfortably balance the eFoil. We have seen people with limited water sports experience get the hang of Fliteboard very quickly, and others that need a number sessions and a few hours of practice. However most riders will be having run instantly, as riding on the board, even when not foiling is rewarding. Similar to riding a bike, with practice, foiling becomes automatic.

Experience balancing on a board of some kind will be a significant advantage. Fliteboard recommends lessons through an approved Fliteschool.

Like other water and snow sports, expect to crash and have a few thrills and spills – especially when learning. And like other water and snow sports, learning to Fliteboard can be an extreme activity. You need to be travelling at around 20km/h to be able to hydrofoil, and there is potential to the hit the board or eFoil in a crash. Part of the learning experience involves learning to fall away from the board to avoid injury.

It is highly recommended that you wear appropriate safety gear when Fliteboarding, including an approved PFD and helmet.

Regulations vary from State to State and Country to Country. For example in Australia, Fliteboard is exempt from registration in some states, and in others it must be registered as a vessel. Fliteboard will provide information as it comes to hand from various authorities in Australia, however it is the responsibility of riders to be aware of and comply with regulations in their specific location.

Fliteboard has been extensively tested with riders weighing up to 100kg. Heavier riders will be able to get foiling, however our factory recommended limit for warranty and other purposes is currently 100kg.

The Flite Controller is fully waterproof. It includes a magnetic hall sensor throttle for very precise throttle control. The Flite Controller includes a number of rider modes to make learning easier, and also to provide precision control for experienced riders. Flite Controller includes a display that provides a range of information to help you get the most from your ride, and to assist you to return home with remaining Flitecell power.

While Fliteboard can be ridden in a wave or ocean swell (just like a SUP or Surf foil) Fliteboard is not suitable for riding breaking waves in the surf zone. Riders do so at their own risk.
Fliteboard is much lighter than other powered craft, however is heavier than a surfboard or SUP Foil, and therefore can be more dangerous to riders or other water users if caught in a wave. Fliteboard recommends you use a paddle Sup or Surf foil for dedicated wave riding. Fliteboard should never be ridden in the breaking surf zone, near other water users (including swimmers and surfers) or offshore from swimmers and surfers (in case Fliteboard is pushed towards shore in a wave).

The complete Fliteboard package weighs between 28.5kg and 34kg depending upon the board, Flitecell and wing choice.

Its battery power means it can be charged using renewable energy. Fliteboard’s hydrofoil efficiency and light weight makes it potentially the most environmentally friendly ‘powered’ water craft (not reliant upon wind or waves) when speed and range is considered.

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