One Inflatable Dock - Multiple Use

Nautibuoy Inflatable Platform

One Dock - Multiple Use

Nautibuoy is The World’s Best Dock

Nautibuoy Inflatable platform or Jetski docks are an easy way to add space no matter the size of your yacht. And that’s not all. You can inflate that extra space in under 5 minutes!

Designed by yachtsmen for yachtsmen, inflatable platforms and Jetski docks can offer unparalleled luxury at water level or make a safe & secure landing also for Seabobs, Jetboards, or eFoils.

The 4 Platforms

A Dock for any Use
Nautibuoy SPORT C-Dock
750 € (excl. VAT)
excl. VAT
Nautibuoy VOYAGER C-Dock
From 2,995 € (excl. VAT)
excl. VAT
Nautibuoy Platform 375
2,995 € (excl. VAT)
excl. VAT
Nautibuoy Platform 525
3,428 € (excl. VAT)
excl. VAT
Nautibuoy Platform 675
4,720 € (excl. VAT)
excl. VAT
Nautibuoy Platform 800
4,950 € (excl. VAT)
excl. VAT

Nautibuoy Extras & Spares

Expand your deck area

Looking for Nautibuoy Extras?
Extend usability of your Dock with some of the bestselling Add-ons.

A Seabob Dock, a pair of loungers, a ladder or even a boat maintenance pack. Remember – all parts are interchangeable.

Perfect Serenity

Your own island

With the NautiBuoy Marine Platform streamed off the back of the yacht or anchored off the beach, you can choose exactly where you want to be and create perfect serenity.

Add a new perspective to your yachting experience by taking the comforts of the yacht even closer to the shore.

Nautibuoy - Lounging

Floating Comfort

Relax at water level

A unique place to share and enjoy the finer things in life whilst relaxing in comfort at water level.

Offering freedom from the confines of the yacht, a new space that’s perfect for sunbathing, finding that moment of peace, or enjoying a blissful sunset.
Nautibuoy - Couple Lounging

The Freedom Of Choice

Many Configurations

With the revolutionary Air Toggle linking system, you can change configurations with very little time and effort.

Cleverly designed, the system enables you to link all four platform sizes to one another to create anything from Jetski docks, Seabob Dock, Working dock to longer pontoons, and shapes that allow access to any part of the yacht.

The Voyager series enable all linking configurations. The Sports series offer end-to-end linking only.
Nautibuoy - Jetski Dock

Made Even Easier

Safe Watersports Fun

A great place to have fun in the water with friends and family. You and your guests can enjoy a multitude of sports and activities, easily swapping from one to another.

Not only does it provide you with a fantastic swim platform, but also an ideal area for sunbathing and relaxing.

Covered with a non-skid soft surface and made incredibly stable by a unique ballast system, the NautiBuoy platform offers a safe spot for activities on the water.
Nautibuoy - Custom Setup

Working Dock

Practical Seamanship

The platform can be single-handedly inflated and launched anywhere in less than five minutes, providing instant access to the water line and allowing crew members to work smarter – not harder.

Gone are the days of having to detail the tender after a full topside washdown.

Nautibuoy unique ballast bag system provides excellent stability in the water and enables easy removal from the water after use.

Diamond or Teak

Which Surface To Choose

All Nautibuoy inflatable docks are made of 20 cm deep first-class drop-stitch material.

Nautibuoy - Teak Sruface

Teak - VOYAGER Series

  • More traditional look
  • Teak effect PE foam
  • Looks and feels great
  • Soft underfoot & comfortable on the skin
  • Repels water
  • Easy to wash out stains (tested with suntan cream SPF50, coffee, red wine & cola)
  • Non- Skid
  • UV resistant – tested to 3000 hours
  • Heat resistant up to 110° Celsius / 230° Fahrenheit
  • Rolls up and stows easily on and under rib-collars, or in sail lockers & lazarettes
Nautibuoy - Diamond Surface

Diamond - SPORT Series

  • More traditional look
  • Teak effect PE foam
  • Looks and feels great
  • Soft underfoot & comfortable on the skin
  • Repels water
  • Easy to wash out stains (tested with suntan cream SPF50, coffee, red wine & cola)
  • Non- Skid
  • UV resistant – tested to 3000 hours
  • Heat resistant up to 110° Celsius / 230° Fahrenheit
  • Rolls up and stows easily on and under rib-collars, or in sail lockers & lazarettes

Accessory Pack

What's included

All SPORT & VOYAGER series Platforms are supplied with the Accessory pack.
1 x Stowable zipless protective bag
1 x Air Toggle
1 x Bravo SUP stirrup pump
1 x Repair kit with instructions
1 x Bravo OV10 Pump 3.6psi/250mb (230v or 120v)
1 x Instruction manual 2 x Connection straps
Nautibuoy - Sport Pack

Every platform is equipped with 2 fixed Multipurpose Platform Mountings (MPM’s) and 2 50mm Velcro strips, which enable locking and securing the accessories of your choice.

The flexibility to convert your inflatable platform from a leisure pontoon to a working dock is simple with Nautibuoy range of functional accessories.

An Easy Way To Add Space

Extend Your Yacht



SPORT series is a solo platform solution, perfect for owners of yachts up to 20m.
Nautibuoy - Connected Illustration


VOYAGER series can be linked in multiple configurations, providing maximum versatility.

Nautibuoy - Jet ski illustration

Jetski Dock

No more damage to transoms and Jetskis. Provide a safer and easier guest transfers.

The Difference Between VOYAGER and SPORT

Which Nautibuoy Series?

The main difference between the two series is the different linking options when connecting platforms together to build different configurations such as Jetski docks, walkways, watersport centers, etc.​

The Sport series can do everything the Voyager series can, but the Voyager series has more connection options available.


End-to-end Linking

With Nautibuoy SPORT Series you can only build longer maintenance platforms, walkways and pontoons.

Nautibuoy - End-to-End


Jetski Dock (T-shape)

Makes an ideal Jetski dock.
Nautibuoy - T-shape


Side-by-side Linking

A wider space for your own private dock or dinner party. You would need to buy additional Air Toggles to be able to connect VOYAGER platforms in Side-by-side

Nautibuoy - Side-by-side


L-shape Linking

Makes a great drop off point for guests in a tender.

Nautibuoy - L-shape


What Makes It So Stable?

Nautibuoy unique patent-pending ballast system provides incredible stability to the platforms when they’re on the water.

Filling up quickly the four ballast bags, positioned in each corner, provide you with a stable surface almost instantly. It couldn’t be easier to remove the platforms after use.

The manual dump system has been carefully designed to expel the water rapidly and for you to effortlessly remove the platform from the water.

Ballast System

Wave laboratory tested and refined to give superior stability on the water.

Nautibuoy - Ballast Down

Ballast Dump System

The patent pending ballast dump system expels all the ballast water from each bag in one simple, easy movement.

Nautibuoy - Ballast Up


Why Nautibuoy?

Nautibuoy - soft-loops-1

Soft Loops

Only soft loops are used on the bottom and edges of the platform to prevent any damage to the topsides, paint and varnish work, as well as the teak deck.

Nautibuoy - air-toggle-loops-1

Air Toggle loops

The Air toggle loops have an easy tidy-away Velcro system for when not in use. Quick to release and rapid to secure, they keep the platform looking streamlined.
Nautibuoy - soft-loops-1

Multipurpose Mountings

The Multipurpose platform mountings (MPM’s) offer the ability to lock and secure a multiple range of accessories including boarding ladders and hose holders.

Nautibuoy - Pressure Release Valve

Pressure release valve

All our platforms and Air Toggles are fitted with Leafield Marine A6 5.5psi/ 379mb pressure release valves. These ensure the release of excess pressure due to the expansion of air in hot temperatures.
Nautibuoy - Closed-valve


Bravo C7 Halkey Roberts inflation valve with internal protective mesh and an easy push release button. The fitting allows the for the Bravo OV10 pump to be secured into the valve for hands free inflation and deflation.
Nautibuoy - lifting-handles

Lifting handles

The Voyager series platform has 4 lifting handles strategically positioned for dual use. They provide lifting points and are used when linking platforms together.
Nautibuoy - anchor-point

Anchor point

Reinforced double layered 50mm seatbelt webbing, bonded and stitched onto an extra large pad for safety and security. Designed for mooring, anchoring and towing.
Nautibuoy - d-ring

Stainless Steel D-rings

Heavy duty 316 Stainless D–rings designed with extra large bonded pads, ideal for tying the platform to the vessel or attaching jet- skis and watersports toys to the platform.
Nautibuoy - secure accessories

Secure Accessories

To prevent loss of accessories overboard, 50mm strips of Velcro have been stitched to both the top of the platform and the maintenance cover.
Nautibuoy - bravo-pump

Bravo Manual Pump

Provided for the inaction of the Air Toggle whilst the users are on the water and also
to top up the pressure of the platforms. The pump also allows the monitoring of pressure.

Bravo pump design may vary.

Nautibuoy - bravo electric pump

Bravo OV10 pump

A compact fast inflating/deflating electric pump with Halkey Roberts connection nozzle. Options are available for 230v and 120v.

Maximum inflation 3.6psi/250mb.

Nautibuoy - bag

Conveniently Stowable

All our platforms role up and fit comfortably into our zipless protective bags, which can be stowed under rib collars, in lazarettes or most work lockers.
Nautibuoy - webbing

Seatbelt Webbing

For all handles, D-rings, and anchor points, industrial 50mm seat belt webbing
has been used.

The lifesaving technology offers reliable strength and longevity

Nautibuoy - connection-strap

Connection Straps

Made from high strength UV resistant webbing with long-lasting corrosion free buckles, the connection straps add extra security when linking multiple platforms using the Air Toggle System.
Nautibuoy - dropstitch

Maintaining Shape

The dropstitch can be inflated to high pressures whilst maintaining its shape due to the thousands of polyester threads between two layers of fabric. Once inflated to 5.5 psi, it creates an incredibly solid base.
Nautibuoy - logo-mehler


Made from 200mm PVC dropstitch with Mehler German PVC borders and ballast bags. Mehler known for their superior quality PVC, offers a trusted alternative to Hypalon.
Nautibuoy - logo


For your safety, the platforms have been rigorously tested to meet strict European regulations (EN) for floating leisure articles for use on the water.

All platforms are 15649 – 1-2-3: 2012 compliant.

Platform Comparison

Platform Linking


Nautibuoy & lounge  rental - NautiBuoy Luxury at Water Level
Nautibuoy & lounge rental - NautiBuoy Luxury at Water Level
Nautibuoy & lounge rental - NautiBuoy´s inflatable floating platforms
Nautibuoy & lounge rental - NautiBuoy´s inflatable floating platforms
Nautibuoy & lounge  rental - Nautibuoy for sailing yachts
Nautibuoy & lounge rental - Nautibuoy for sailing yachts
Inflatable dock rental - NautiBuoy For Maintenance
Inflatable dock rental - NautiBuoy For Maintenance
Inflatable dock rental: Nautibuoy in Porto Cervo
Inflatable dock rental: Nautibuoy in Porto Cervo
Need to learn more?

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for that final peace of mind? See what others have asked us.

There are 3 different board on offer.
Fliteboard – 5’8”x28”, 100L is the best size for most riders from 50kg to 90kg who are willing to take a few sessions to really get the hang of it.
Fliteboard PRO – 5’0”x24.5”, 70L is the smallest board for the most responsive ride when foiling. It is more difficult to learn on and getting going is more challenging, particularly for heavy riders and in choppy water conditions.
Fliteboard AIR 6’8”x30”, 175L is an inflatable board with the most stability, suitable for beginners to get up and riding during their first session. The inflatable construction makes this board light weight, more impact resistant, and very easy to transport.

The epoxy construction boards, Fliteboard and Fliteboard PRO, can be repaired by your local surfboard repair specialist. The inflatable construction Fliteboard AIR may be repaired using the included repair kit. Fliteboard Limited Warranty covers damage caused by defects in the materials or workmanship of the product only.

Yes, most components except for the Foil Power Unit can purchased separately. A second Flitecell, Flitecell Charger, front wing or even board are available as add-on components.

Yes, the Cruiser and Flyer wings are compatible and interchangeable with any Fliteboard.

The Fliteboard and Fliteboard PRO boards are crafted with advanced PVC and carbon sandwich construction. The timber finish boards are finished in high quality ash top and biax-carbon bottom. The white and black boards are finished in ballistic grade carbon Innegra top and biax-carbon bottom.

The Flitecell charges using a special charger that plugs into a standard household wall socket, either 220-240V or 110-120V.

The time to fully charge the Flitecell depends on the capacity, either 30 Ah or 40 Ah, and the current available by the wall socket used. Expect charging times of between 2 and 3.5 hours depending upon individual circumstances.

Unfortunately electric vehicle batteries are not permitted on passenger aircraft. Depending on the route, it may be possible to ship the Flitecell separately on a dedicated cargo plane, via road or sea transport.

The Flite Controller display shows the remaining Flitecell power as voltage, remaining time and range (based upon your power consumption). An efficiency screen on the controller displays watt hours per kilometre, to guide you to speed up or slow down to maximise your ride time and range.

In addition, the specially configured Battery Management System will reduce the power available when the Flitecell is close to running out. This gives you enough power to motor slowly back to shore, but not enough power to foil. For safety reasons, you should never ride further from shore than you are prepared to swim.

Our Standard Flitecell Charger charges in 4.5 hours whilst the Fast Charge Flitecell Charger charges in 2.5 hours.

The top speed of Fliteboard depends on A) The wing used, B) The rider’s weight, and C) rider experience. In our testing an 80kg rider using the Flyer wing achieved a top speed of 40km/h. The same rider with the Cruiser wing can achieve a top speed of 34km/h. We expect these performance metrics to improve as we further refine wings, propulsion and propeller for final production.

Fliteboard wings are carbon composite epoxy construction and can be repaired by your local surfboard repair specialist.

About the 60cm mast. The Fliteboard AIR is compatible only with the 60cm mast eFoil unit.
The Fliteboard and Fliteboard PRO are compatible with both the 75cm and 60cm mast eFoil units. So you can interchange almost everything – except that you can’t use the 75cm mast eFoil units with the Fliteboard AIR boards.
The benefits of the 60cm mast are that it is more user friendly – it is less likely to fall on the wing, and when the rider falls it will be from a lower height above the water – and that it is less extreme – since the maximum height above the water is less. The benefits of the 75cm mast are that riding in choppy conditions is better – since there is more range of height to fly above the chop – and that the board can be carved harder and in tighter in the turns – because the mast allows for a lower angle in the turns before the board touches the water.

Fliteboard wings are built in a high pressure, pre-preg carbon fibre construction for stiffness and strength.

The top speed of Fliteboard depends on A) The wing used, B) The rider’s weight and height, and C) rider experience. In our testing an 80kg rider using the Flyer wing achieved a top speed of 40km/h. The same rider with the Cruiser wing can achieve a top speed of 34km/h. We expect these performance metrics to improve as we further refine wings, propulsion and propeller for final production.

Ride time and range are dependant upon A) Rider weight B) Average speed and C) Wing choice. In testing an 85kg rider achieves a range of over 25km using the Flyer wing at an average speed of 25km with a continuous run time of approximately one hour – using the ‘Explore’ Flitecell. The same rider achieves a 40 minute run time and 18km range using the Flyer wing and Sport Flitecell. Lighter riders will achieve a greater range and run time, and heavier riders will achieve less.

Remember this is continuous riding time. Most riders are likely to have tired legs before the Flitecell goes flat! The Fliteboard engineering team is still making final refinements and metrics may improve further in the final production model.

Learning to Fliteboard is different for everyone. We have seen experienced surfers foiling in five minutes, or take a three to four sessions before they can comfortably balance the eFoil. We have seen people with limited water sports experience get the hang of Fliteboard very quickly, and others that need a number sessions and a few hours of practice. However most riders will be having run instantly, as riding on the board, even when not foiling is rewarding. Similar to riding a bike, with practice, foiling becomes automatic.

Experience balancing on a board of some kind will be a significant advantage. Fliteboard recommends lessons through an approved Fliteschool.

Like other water and snow sports, expect to crash and have a few thrills and spills – especially when learning. And like other water and snow sports, learning to Fliteboard can be an extreme activity. You need to be travelling at around 20km/h to be able to hydrofoil, and there is potential to the hit the board or eFoil in a crash. Part of the learning experience involves learning to fall away from the board to avoid injury.

It is highly recommended that you wear appropriate safety gear when Fliteboarding, including an approved PFD and helmet.

Regulations vary from State to State and Country to Country. For example in Australia, Fliteboard is exempt from registration in some states, and in others it must be registered as a vessel. Fliteboard will provide information as it comes to hand from various authorities in Australia, however it is the responsibility of riders to be aware of and comply with regulations in their specific location.

Fliteboard has been extensively tested with riders weighing up to 100kg. Heavier riders will be able to get foiling, however our factory recommended limit for warranty and other purposes is currently 100kg.

The Flite Controller is fully waterproof. It includes a magnetic hall sensor throttle for very precise throttle control. The Flite Controller includes a number of rider modes to make learning easier, and also to provide precision control for experienced riders. Flite Controller includes a display that provides a range of information to help you get the most from your ride, and to assist you to return home with remaining Flitecell power.

While Fliteboard can be ridden in a wave or ocean swell (just like a SUP or Surf foil) Fliteboard is not suitable for riding breaking waves in the surf zone. Riders do so at their own risk.
Fliteboard is much lighter than other powered craft, however is heavier than a surfboard or SUP Foil, and therefore can be more dangerous to riders or other water users if caught in a wave. Fliteboard recommends you use a paddle Sup or Surf foil for dedicated wave riding. Fliteboard should never be ridden in the breaking surf zone, near other water users (including swimmers and surfers) or offshore from swimmers and surfers (in case Fliteboard is pushed towards shore in a wave).

The complete Fliteboard package weighs between 28.5kg and 34kg depending upon the board, Flitecell and wing choice.

Its battery power means it can be charged using renewable energy. Fliteboard’s hydrofoil efficiency and light weight makes it potentially the most environmentally friendly ‘powered’ water craft (not reliant upon wind or waves) when speed and range is considered.

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