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At Ocean Premium we operate five permanent Water Toys rental locations in most popular yachting hubs across The Caribbean. The Superyachts can be served directly in Antigua, St. Maarten, Fort Lauderdale, Bahamas and British Virgin islands. We keep adding new locations every season and adopt to the cruising trends of the Superyacht Owners and Charter clients.

If your charter guests board the vessel at any other port, the Water toys can be put on-board at the yacht hub prior to departure to destination where the charter would start.

Because we offer One-way rentals to superyachts sailing different routes, many water toys are dropped-off at different destinations across The Caribbean. It is common for us to keep a limited stock of water toys also at our ad-hoc facilities in The US Virgin islands and St. Lucia.

If you are booking using the online platform, some of those availabilities are not going to be visible to you. If you are cruising remotely – out of the beaten track – It is best practice to talk to our office – we might just have the water toys near you. Without killing your wallet.

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For over a decade, Ocean Premium has been providing water toy rentals to yachts and charter brokers. By consistently incorporating feedback from our clients and partners, we have honed our services to achieve excellence. The continuous collaboration with several hundred yachts attests to our superior performance.

Occasionally you’ll be out there cruising without a fast internet connection. Browsing will be difficult, to say the least.

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