The Top 3 Water Toys for Superyacht Charters

Seabob and Yacht

Barcelona 2018

Our findings from the MYBA Charter Show

The MYBA Superyacht Charter show in Barcelona took place last week – 23rd to 26th April 2018 – and the Ocean Premium crew were in attendance. We took time to talk to the crew on board these Mega Yachts who will be embarking on busy Mediterranean charter season this year, travelling to places throughout the Mediterranean Sea from Spain to Montenegro in the Adriatic.


Whilst speaking to various crew members, we asked a question that we believe to be vital to the success of a charter, “What are the Top 3 Water Toys That Are Used On Board? “

Our Results

1. Jetski

Jetski and Yacht

A staple onboard superyachts for a long time and still is for good reason. With top speeds ever increasing as well as better comfort, ride-ability, and technology evolving too, charter guests will always want to experience the thrill of sheer speed on the water.

A lot of yachts tend to keep sit-down jet-skis, but occasionally you might get asked about stand-ups, well we keep both types all the time, just in case.

2. Seabob

A few years ago the introduction of the Seabob revolutionized the water toy sector. Since then they have grown from strength to strength and introduced new, lighter, faster, and more technologically advanced models. The latest model, for example, can have an HD camera attached to record your best moments whilst enjoying the ocean.

These toys are rapidly catching up to Jetskis in terms of popularity and requests from charter guests, so no charter yacht would be complete without them.

3. Inflatables

A broad-ranging category, but something that every single yacht said was an asset to their charter toy collection. We have 2 main sub-categories here:


3.1 Towables

Extremely versatile and can be used in multiple situations, being pulled by a variety of different vehicles, whether it’s a inboard or outboard tender, jet-tender or jet-ski, anything from a donut to a huge inflatable banana can be incorporated into giving charter guests an experience they will not forget.

Aquapark for Yachts

3.2 Aquaparks

These can be used in many ways by guests, either to entertain the kids (big and small) and wear them out during the day, or for guests to lie on in the sun, out on the open water. Having something to provide experiences at both ends of the spectrum is something that cannot be overlooked.

If you are looking at this list, thinking about whether you need to make some additions or upgrades to your current water toy collection, then please don’t hesitate to contact our support team who can easily assist with the process.

Don’t forget, there’s always the option to rent the toys first, a ‘try before you buy’ if you like.

Plus, picture this, you’re in the middle of a charter, one of your toys is out of action, or a charter guest asks for a toy that you don’t have…can you say no?

Well, just pick up the phone, Ocean Premium offer same-day delivery to a huge range of destinations.

It really is that easy! 


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