The Fun Side of Charters – A Broker’s Perspective

The Fun Side of Charters – A Broker’s Perspective

Our report on the top 3 water toys used onboard charter yachts, came about after getting the opinions of countless yacht crew. This was very informative for us, but we also wanted to get the views of another important section of the yachting industry and took advantage of the MYBA show in Barcelona to ask the charter brokers in attendance if they could “Identify one toy that has seen a sharp increase of guest requests.”

The resounding answer to this question was SLIDES!

Yes, that’s correct; over 94% of the charter brokers in attendance who operate on the front lines of the yacht charter industry agreed that slide requests were on the increase! Despite the obvious demand for these products, the suggestion of getting one onboard is often met with great consternation and many excuses from crew sighting the price, delay, lack of storage space, time for customisation, maintenance …etc.

Fortunately, Ocean Premium has the solution to the slide “nightmare” portrayed above!

We have on hand and available immediately a number of fully adjustable slides ranging from 2m to 8.5m. This means your charter guest request can be met regardless of the yacht or deck chosen for the slide placement. For hassle free, maintenance free, guest satisfaction and fun, rent one from us today!

If an adrenaline fuelled slide down to the water from the top-deck isn’t what your guests are after, we can also provide very popular stand-alone floating slides that will provide hours of fun and don’t need to be directly connected to the yacht.

We make slide rentals easy, with same day or next day delivery available throughout most of the Mediterranean and Adriatic thanks to our comprehensive logistics network and well-placed warehouses. If your charterer is seeking a yacht with a slide, we can make your yachts compatible. If an owner would like to try one before he buys a custom slide, we can provide that peace of mind.

Get in touch with us today to start your charter season the right way!


“Ocean Premium is a delight to work with. They brought over a sample slide for us to try. We then hired a slide for a very important two-week charter – if we did not have a slide, we would not get the charter. At all times, Ocean Premium was attentive and service-oriented. Looking forward to working with them again.”
Captain MY | Hurricane Run


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