The E-Foils Evolution

Invented less than a decade ago, e-foils have undergone huge innovations in design, function and sustainability, finding new ways to be safe while still delivering the thrill of gliding over the water.

In The Beginning

In order to get to e-foils, someone had to come up with foils. These worked by harnessing the kinetic energy of the underwater swell.

What does hydroptere mean? In Greek, hydros means “water” and ptère “wing” … yes, it is a question of a hybrid device combining aeronautics and maritime science. By means of a set of submerged wings – also called foils – the hull of a boat rises and stays balanced out of the water from a certain speed. The lift of the foils makes it possible to limit the surface in contact with the water and to reduce the friction of the waves. The water that acted as a brake becomes only a support.

Hydrofoils have been around in one form since before 1861 when the British Thomas Moy discovered the principle of hydrofoil trying to test the wings planned for the first aircraft. It continues with many engineers who improved the original models and patents. In 1984, the American William Meacham equips a model of 5 foils and in 1897, the Count of Lambert adds four transverse planes to a catamaran. In 2012 Sailrocket II broke the previous word speed record and set a new benchmark at 64,45 knots.

Ahead of his time was Enrico Forlanini, who in 1905 designed the first real hydrofoil reaching 36,9 knots (70km /h).

By 1908, Alexander Graham Bell and Casey Baldwin were playing around with the idea for boats. Fifteen years later, the first patent is filed by brothers Malcolm and Thomas McIntyre.

Hydrofoils have been around in one form since before 1898 when Italian engineer Enrico Forlanini filed the first patent.

Later, tow-in surfers like Laird Hamilton figured out how to use the underswell to get moving. Mango Carafino, another big-wave surfer, designed some of the first Hydrofoils and brought them to market.

Rideability, Safety & Control

Let There Be Light (Err, Electricity)

The biggest problem with those early, non-electric models was the need for swell. If you’re looking for an adventure gliding over water, early hydrofoils weren’t for you because they required a good swell to get standing up and were closer to surfing than anything. As a result, you didn’t get that serene journey over calm water.

Rideability, Safety & Control

Modern Day Miracles with E-foils

Within ten years of the first e-foils being tinkered with, we’ve had massive innovations in making e-foils safe. Nowadays, we have access to increasingly fun and interesting e-foils. Two of our favorites are the Fliteboard Series 3 and the Audi e-tron foil by Aerofoils. Why? Well, it comes down to being the culmination of years of evolution.

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The First of Its Kind and Enhanced Safety

The Audi e-tron saw that there was a safety issue with spinning propellers at the base of e-foils and said, “no, thank you.” So instead, it pioneered innovative jet propulsion. This new propulsion system made for a smooth and safe ride. The recent introduction of the Fliteboard Series 3, with its inter-changeable prop-to-jet system, further capitalized on the idea of enhanced safety.

Riding Conditions, Board Type & Purchasing

Fly Free

The exhilarating feeling of flying over water has never been so easy. With its aircraft-inspired propulsion system, the Audi e-tron glides over water effortlessly, giving you a weightless flight over the ocean that’s totally safe because of the innovative jet propulsion system.

The Fliteboard Series 3 benefits from this new propulsion system as well, giving you a free-flying experience, whether or not there are swells in the area. Perfect for the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Australia and all points in between.

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Great for Every Skill Level

From beginner to advanced, anyone can learn these e-foils. Quick to learn, both the Fligthboard and Audi e-tron foils make learning the ropes easy and fun, so you can get started on your adventure.

Riding Conditions, Board Type & Purchasing

A Favorite of Yacht Guests

These e-foil boards make a great choice for yacht guests, and they’re popular for charters for a reason. Being so quick to learn, they’re the perfect choice for any watersports enthusiast, or those wanting to try a new activity. A yacht is not a charter yacht without an e-foil these days.

Riding Conditions, Board Type & Purchasing

Try the Future of E-Foils

The Audi e-tron and Fliteboard e-foils are innovative game changers that make an entry to the world of e-foils easier than ever. Ocean Premium takes this a step further, making renting or buying one of these awesome water toys a simple. Our Sales and Rental Specialists are delighted to take care of you.

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