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Awake Ravik 3

A perfect All-rounder.

The Awake Ravik 3 is the most versatile electric surfboard. Delivering the same exhilarating sensation of surfing the waves but guaranteeing speed, balance, and effortless cruising.

It’s perfect for all charter guests!

Comfortable, buoyant, and versatile. The Awake Ravik 3 brings the safest travels, and the most fun experiences.

10.900,00 12.900,00 

Awake Battery Options

Awake Ravik 3 - SR - Standard Range
Awake Ravik 3 - XR - Extended Range
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What's in the Box

Awake Ravik 3 Board
Awake Flex Hand Controller
Awake Flex Battery Charger
Awake Flex Hand Controller Charger
Awake Power Key Leash
Awake Foot Straps
Awake Fins