The Highest Level Of Safety.

SEABOB Safety Case

Fully Approved

Versatile & Variable

A Safety Solution for Every Yacht

Rotate. Hang. Secure.

SEABOB Safety Case Rotation

Seabob Safety case is designed for efficiency and safety. A game-changing rotating door for swift seabob access and a crew-friendly vertical hanging system for secure storage.


Space-Saving Solution

SEABOB Safety Drawer

Ultimate space-saving solution. Fully telescopic drawer for seamless accessibility and storage. Removable cushion for temporary comfortable seating or stacking option.


A Critical Defence

Threat of Lithium-ion Battery Fires Onboard Superyachts

The Seabob Safety Case is a critical defense against the high-stakes threat of lithium-ion battery fires onboard superyachts.

Engineered to exceed flag, class, and insurance mandates, it’s a non-negotiable for stringent safety protocols. With its autonomous operation and immediate alarm response, it targets fire risks with precision, deploying a potent fire suppression agent.

This case is not just equipment—it’s a safeguard, seamlessly integrating into yacht safety systems to protect lives and assets in urgent fire scenarios.

Essential for captains and crew, it’s the frontline solution for onboard fire safety, ensuring readiness and resilience against unforeseen dangers.

Yachting Industry

Top Safety Requirements

The SEABOB SAFETY CASE is at the forefront of addressing the critical need for Li-Ion battery storage onboard yachts. This solution aligns seamlessly with the stringent safety requirements mandated by insurance policies in the yachting industry.

In June 2023, a significant development occurred when the United Kingdom Maritime and Coastguard Agency issued Marine Guidance Note MGN 681 (M). This document explicitly outlines the principles for the safe charging and storage of lithium-ion batteries on yachts.

Compliant with these rigorous standards, the SEABOB SAFETY CASE provides an exceptional level of safety. It is equipped with an advanced automatic extinguishing system. Additionally, the case boasts modern connectivity features, allowing integration not only with your smartphones and tablets but also with your Bridge control systems – thus enhancing safety measures for Li-Ion battery storage onboard yachts.

Charging option

A peace of mind for captains and crew. The safety cases offer a convenient and efficient charging solution for your seabobs. Each case is equipped with a dedicated connection port, charging your seabob while keeping it safely stored away and always ready for action.

Rotate. Hang. Secure.

SEABOB Safety Case Rotation

Rotating door

The rotating door on the SEABOB safety case is a game changer for time efficiency. The door allows the case to be opened quickly and the seabob to be removed effortlessly. The door provides instant access to the seabob, eliminating the need for repositioning other equipment or navigating through tight spaces. The door’s design is ideal for preventing the risk of accidental damage to the seabob itself or the surrounding deck space, and can be operated by a single person. Safe storage and elimination of space obstructions is precisely what this case ensures.

Hanging system

The vertical hanging system is all about ease. With the crew in mind, the hanging procedure is made to be done quickly and strain-free. With an easy lift and guide motion, the seabob seamlessly slots into place, supported by metal hands that align with the unit’s structure for a secure fit. To ensure the seabob remains steadfast, even in rough seas, additional velcro straps can be wrapped around the handles, offering double security. This system is a back-saver for the crew and a time-saver during fast-paced operations.

Space-Smart Solution.

SEABOB Safety Drawer

Fully telescopic drawer

The fully telescopic drawer is a standout crew-friendly feature allowing a smooth, full-extension glide to easily access and store away the seabob in the case.

No more reaching. No more awkward angles.

The drawer’s design offers complete visibility and accessibility, ensuring that every component is within easy reach.

Space-saving profile

The SEABOB safety drawer is ingeniously designed with a space-saving profile that doesn’t just fit seamlessly into the sleek confines of a superyacht, but also allows for stacking multiple units. This stackable design maximises vertical space, providing a tidy and organised area that capitalizes on the yacht’s storage capabilities. With this system, crews can easily arrange and access multiple seabobs without sacrificing valuable deck space or navigating through cluttered storage rooms. It’s an optimal solution for yachts that host numerous water toys and prioritise a clean, unobstructed appearance.

Removable cushion

The drawer case offers an additional practical purpose. The removable cushion can act as a temporary comfortable seating solution when needed. When removed, it grants the opportunity for multiple cases to be stacked on top of each other.

Where every inch counts, this design ensures maximum utilisation of yacht space.

Perfect ergonomics

Both product variants have a sophisticated operating concept so that the SEABOB can be easily removed from its case and stowed away again safely.

Degassing catalyst plate

At the core of the box, the degassing catalyst plate is engineered to efficiently and automatically filter out and neutralise harmful gases emitted during the fire-stopping operation, significantly reducing the risk of exposure to toxic gases. Additionally, the catalyst significantly reduces the temperature of the escaping emissions, ensuring safety of the case, the nearby deck, and especially crew onboard.

Aluminium housing

The aluminium housing of the seabob safety case is constructed from a highly temperature-resistant multilayer composite. This specialised material has been chosen for its durability and ability to withstand extreme temperatures. The housing ensures the case remains secure and withholds the heat caused by the lithium-ion battery fire.

Control info panel

Command at your fingertips. The control info panel is engineered for efficiency and ease of use, providing captains and crew with instant access to the box’s safety features. It provides real-time alerts and indicators ensuring safe monitoring, and allowing for swift action to be taken in the event of a li-ion battery issue.

The Highest Level Of Safety.

SEABOB Safety Case

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Merci for all your action taken to arrange the board. Your service is very very much appreciated.


Captain, 33m Custom Line

I just hope that in the yachting industry will have more people like you because it makes a big difference for Captains and guests.

Thanks again for your outstanding work and I wish you all the success that you deserve. All the best for the future and let’s stay in touch.



Ocean Premium delivered a great backup service under difficult circumstances. Thank you both Blaz and Barbara for all your help and finding solutions. The Seabobs and Jetsurf were returned on time, fully serviced and looking like new.


Captain, 29m Mondomarine

We have always had friendly and efficient service from Blaz and his crew at Ocean Premium. They have dealt with repairs and servicing of our F5 and F7 Seabobs, as well as solving a few tricky Segway issues over the years. I would highly recommend working with them and will continue using them in the future.


Chief Officer, 65m Fedship

It was a pleasure working with you. The service and the availability were just as needed. Thanks for all.


Captain, 29m Benetti

You’re amazing. Thank you very much, it’s really appreciated. I’ll be sure to inform management and our guests of your ongoing assistance with all our requirements.


Chief Officer, 86m Oceanco

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