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Here you can find additional resources and information about one of our most popular water toys – Radinn.

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Before using the Radinn for the first time, read through operation manual carefully, including the safety information and the instructions on proper use.


– Always make sure to set up the jetboard away from water.
– It is important that the Radinn power pack is only connected in a dry area.
– Carefully insert the battery vertically to prevent connector damage and close the quarter turn locks on both sides.
– Make sure that all pins are locked and holding the battery firmly in.
Failing so will result in water ingress and failure.
– Connect the leash to your ankle and attach the magnet to the back side of the board.
– Now, you will be able to connect to the bluetooth remote – press the throttle for a few seconds until the LEDs light up.
– Once the connection is established, the LEDs stop flashing and you can take your board into the water and get started.

– insert the battery and lock the pins.
– Place magnet / kill switch cord on designated area and turn on remote with pressing and holding the trigger for 2 seconds.
– Place remote controller on the bow and allow it to pair.
– When LED lights on remote controller stop blinking and gets steady, it indicates remote controller is paired.
– Squeeze the trigger to initiate engine.

1.) Swim away and make sure you are in a safe distance.
2.) Place the magnet, begin sitting on your knees and hold on to the front handle.
3.)Evenly press the throttle lever on the remote.
Avoid sudden release during acceleration. To keep the jetboard steady when increa- sing speed, maintain thrust while evenly pressing the throttle lever.
4.) After a few seconds the board will be in a tail heavy position. Shift your body weight forward while pressing the nose of the bo- ard as close to the water surface as pos- sible, without diving.
5.)When the board begins accelerating, shift your body weight back again. It is important to keep the torque unchanged or increasing during the entire planing process.

1.) Use one of the handles to support your balance.
With constant torque, begin with your front leg and slowly get up. Keep your knees bent and look straight ahead.
2.) Listen to the sound of the board and shift your body weight backward and forward a little to find that perfect stance and balance.

Keep up the speed and lean towards the direction you desire and keep your speed constant.
Shifting your weight towards the back of the board will help you when turning.

1. Make sure you have a steady internet connection
2. Install the Radinn app from Apple / Google app store
3. Choose the engine or battery pack that you want to upgrade
4. Follow steps to complete upgrade

Please look at the maintenance section


Never discard the Radinn Power Pack among normal household waste or recyclables. Please contact Radinn support and they will guide you how to properly dispose of the products.

Connect the charger to the battery and then plug the charger to electrical outlet.
Charger indicates status of charge with LED lights – 2 red LED = charging, 1 red & 1 green LED = fully charged.

– You should check your Radinn battery at least once per month and surcharge it if necessary
– ideally maintain the battery level between 40 and 60% during winter storage

You can check the battery level in 2 different ways:
1. insert the battery in the board, place the kill switch on its designated place and pair remote controller with the board. Once paired, the number of steady LED lights on remote controller will indicate battery level.
2.) download app from itunes/play store, activate bluetooth on your phone. Insert the battery in the board and without placing the kill switch cord, start the application to see the battery level.

Remote controller

– Attach the magnet of the leash to the holder at the back of the board.
– Press the throttle all the way down until the LEDs start flashing.
– When they stop flashing (approx. 15-60s) and become steady, it indicates that pair with the board was successful.
– Steady LED lights is providing you information about Radinn battery capacity.

Squeeze and hold the trigger for 2 seconds.
LED on remote controller will indicate remote is turned on.

If remote controller is not used, it automatically switches off.

App use

The Radinn App works both on Android and iOS and can be downloaded via on Google Play or App Store.

– To connect your board to the Radinn App, you need to enable Bluetooth on your phone.
– To connect to the jetboard, the battery has to be plugged in and the magnetic switch has to be removed from the board.
– When your jetboard is found by the app, a notification will show and ask you to connect.

After riding, you can upload data to the app that will let you view your rides, check your top speed and limit the power of your board when needed.
If you upload data, our technical team can monitor the performance of your jetpack and status of your battery. This way, we can find any possible issues before you do.


Similar to any other electric powered vehicle, Radinn needs to be serviced regularly and maintained to ensure good working order and to prevent breakage. It is essential that your Radinn is serviced by authorised entity, to retain its high level of performance, safety, reliability, and warranty.

Maintenance guidelines

– Keep your Radinn battery charged.
– Clean your Radinn thoroughly with fresh soapy water to remove any built-up salt or sand.
– Make sure that all contacts on the charging points are dry and clean.
– Make sure that battery connector seal is not damaged.

– Always rinse your board after usage.
– Fill the bottle that came with the board with fresh water and use it on the jet outlet cooling connector.
– When washing make sure you don’t get connectors wet.
– Dry the board prior to placing it in its bag or any other storage equipment.
– Check the jet channel for any items that might obstruct water flow or block the impeller.
– Surcharge the battery to at least 50%.
– Don’t charge the battery in direct sun light and wet area

– Store it in a dry location with room temperature, away from flammable objects. – Never store and transport the board with the battery installed.
– Always charge the battery fully before storing it.
– Charge and balance the battery at least every two months when not in use.
– Don’t leave your battery unattended while being charged.
– Regardless of if you have purchased the Radinn quick charger as an extra, we strongly urge you to use the standard charger once every ten charging cycles to maximize the battery’s life cycle.


If you’re having an issue with your Radinn board, you may be able to find out what’s wrong using the process of elimination. Make a list of things that could be causing the problem and then test them out one by one to eliminate them. Once you’ve identified the source of your issue, it will be easier to find a solution.

Radinn troubleshooting

To connect your board to the Radinn App, you need to enable Bluetooth on your phone. To connect to the jetboard, the battery has to be plugged in and the magnetic switch has to be removed from the board. When your jetboard is found by the app, a notification will show and ask you to connect.

1. Check if the Radinn battery and remote controller are fully charged.
2. Was the board unused for more than 20 minutes?
After 20 min Radinn automatically power off to preserve battery
3. Check if battery is correctly installed, the magnet is in place and remote paired
4.) Check for moisture and corrosion on the battery and board connection points.
5.) Check if the battery is working.
6.) Connect Radinn app to the board, to determine if bluetooth connection is working.

Do NOT connect the battery to the board and let it dry completely.
Place your battery at 45 degrees angle, with connection port facing downwards to allow complete drainage.
If you hear a “clicking” sound coming from the battery, do not connect the battery.
To avoid this from happening, always make sure you store the board in dry conditions and assemble/disassemble the board away from the water.

Most common causes for moisture in the charging port are:
– seals are broken
– battery was not locked in place
– connector is damaged
Make sure the contacts on the Radinn battery and board are completely dry and clean before connecting.

Yes. For testing purposes, you can run the engine out of the water in up to 5 seconds intervals.


1. Check connection points for moisture and corrosion.
2. Connect the charger to the battery to check if the battery turns on – battery should make a one “click” relay sound when it connector gets plugged in.
3. Check if the charger has electricity. Observe LED lights on the charger (red+red=charging, red+green=fully charged).

Continious clicking sound indicates battery failure.
Most probable cause is water ingress.

Remote controller

If Radinn remote controller vibrates in 20 sec interval, it indicates that the board battery level is below 20% and needs to be recharged.

1. Check if remote controller and Radinn battery are fully charged.
2. Make sure there is no interferance with other bluetooth equipment – disconnect the Radinn battery and try again.
3. Make sure that the magnet leash is placed on the board.
4. Connect your board with the Radinn app (without magnet leash installed on the board), to determine if this is the reason remote controller doesn’t find connection.
5.) Check if Radinn board turns on – listen to the “click” relay sound when you connect the battery


Before you jump into the water and experience your very first ride on the jetboard carefully read the manual. It is of uttermost importance that you understand and follow the ope- ration and safety instructions for this very powerful product.

The Jetboard is safe to operate, in line with the latest industry standards. However, the jetboard is also a powerful electric vehicle and can cause serious injury and/or death to you and/or others if operated in misconduct. We therefore insist that you, in detail, read the safety information and the operation instructions.

Safety information

– CAREFULLY read the manual before handling, preparing, charging and operating your jetboard!
– Suitable ONLY for good swimmers aged 16 years • or older!
– NEVER disconnect/connect the battery when the product is located in water.
– ALWAYS disconnect the battery during trans- port and/or when not intending to operate the jetboard.
– ALWAYS put on the protective connector cover when the battery is disconnected from the jetboard.
– Do NOT connect the battery if the jetboard is exposed to water – for example, if on water, if it is raining outside, or if water is inside.
– ALWAYS wear a coast-guard approved life-jack- et and helmet when operating the jetboard in water!
– ALWAYS maintain distance and low speed when close to people or objects (minimum 20 meters with slow speed)!
– ALWAYS wear tight-fitting swim-wear and/or a tight-fitting wet-suit!
– ALWAYS wear bathing cap and/or hair net if hair is shoulder length!
– ALWAYS observe the battery state through the wireless remote and return to shore with good margins of remaining battery power.
– ALWAYS follow local laws and regulations!
– ONLY use in sheltered waters with life-guard and rescue boat near and stand-by.
– Do NOT put body parts and/or other objects in open holes such as jet-propulsion intake or exhaust. Rotating parts!
– Do NOT use in environments with strong cur- rents, heavy swells, bad visibility and/or floating objects in water!
– Do NOT use in environments occupied by swimmers and divers!
– Do NOT store in direct sunlight and/or closed vehicle!
– The jetboard is NOT intended for using as swimming aid!

– CAREFULLY read the manual before handling, preparing, charging and operating your jetboard and Radinn Power Pack!
– Do NOT heat beyond 40 °C/104 °F, or below 10 °C/50 °F
– Do NOT store in sunlight, close to open fire, in a motor vehicle or small and warm enclosure!
– Do NOT short circuit!
– Do NOT break open or disassemble!
– Do NOT throw, drop, puncture, slide or in any other way damage your Power Pack! HANDLE WITH CARE!
– Do NOT submerse in water or other liquid!
– ONLY charge with the official Radinn Charger that is delivered with the product!
– ALWAYS disconnect the battery from the charger when you are not actively charging the battery.
– ALWAYS handle the Radinn Power Pack careful- ly within a safe distance from water!
– ALWAYS put on the protective connector cover when the battery is disconnected from the jetboard.
– ALWAYS disconnect the battery during trans- port and/or when not intending to operate the jetboard.
– ONLY connect/disconnect the battery in dry locations unexposed to water or liquid!
– ONLY charge in dry areas with safe distance from water or liquid!
– CAREFULLY observe instructions of charging, discharging, storage and transportation!

– Carefully read the manual before handling, preparing, charging and operating your jet- board, the Power Pack and the Radinn Charger!
– Do NOT expose to direct sunlight!
– ALWAYS disconnect the battery when not actively charging it.
– Do NOT open, disassemble or re-assemble!
– Use only when connectors on Radinn Power Pack and Radinn Charger are clean and dry!
– Never use if cables and/or plugs are damaged!
– Charge only in dry, cool and well ventilated locations!
– Do not cover! Ensure free air circulation!
– The Radinn Charger may heat up during charging. Ensure that it has good time to cool down before handling!
– Do NOT charge the battery in or close to water!
– ALWAYS handle the charger with care.

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