A Charter Yacht’s ‘Wet and Wild’ Theme for Jenna’s Big 45

Seasoned charter clients from the USA, Bob and Jenna, booked a popular 70 meter motor yacht for Jenna’s 45th birthday trip in the Caribbean earlier this year. The two have been chartering luxury yachts for many years, but this time they wanted a nautical adventure like no other…something high energy and family oriented…something truly memorable… something that reminded Jenna of her teenage years growing up in sunny Florida.

After perusing the preference sheet sent to the yacht for the charter, Chief stew, Mandy, contacted Jenna’s charter agent with a phenomenal idea… a next-level, jaw-dropping aqua park on the open seas. The proposal was to use the power of play and competition to strengthen family bonds, build teamwork and make their spirits soar as they would engage in a series of tournaments over the one week charter.

The goal was to create a “Wet and Wild” themed aqua park, a sort of homage to Jenna’s favorite Florida water park from her youth. This aqua park, created by using Aquaglide inflatables, would transform the yacht into an extraordinary realm of limitless family fun, and would ultimately leave Jenna, her family and friends…speechless.


Aqua-parks can be customized for your yacht



The charter agent contacted our  Rental Specialist,  at Ocean Premium, after seeing a post of ours on Instagram about our inflatable water toy rentals for super yachts. Over the years, Ocean Premium has created water wonderlands using these incredible inflatables. Our plan for Jenna, was to create an elaborate obstacle course with a labyrinth of bouncy surfaces using interconnected Aquaglide inflatables.

The customized aqua park would ensure hours of thrills every day, as chief stew Mandy and the crew envisioned varying obstacle courses, races, challenge tracks and daily tournaments. All this would then culminate in one of the teams being crowned ‘The Wet and Wild Champions’, complete with a shiny, engraved trophy and a brand new Fliteboard Air as the grand prize. To add to the festive atmosphere, the crew installed a bluetooth sound system with waterproof speakers to keep the party vibe and LED lights for those sunset moments at the end of an amazing day.

As Jenna’s family of four and and their eight guests approached the yacht by tender, the awaiting crew could hear their screams of delight from the aft deck. Bosun Mark, did a James Bond-like circumnavigation around the massive water playground that the crew had set up for their arrival. Giant inflatable mountains, slippery ramps and challenging balancing beams glimmered in the sun, daring the group to unleash their inner daredevils and enticed the thrill seekers.

In this installment of our yacht solutions series, we want to show you how creating a luxurious, floating playground with high quality inflatable toys, executed Jenna’s dream family vacation in a way that was beyond their expectations. With careful planning and an adequate lead time, Ocean Premium was able to collaborate with the charter broker and the crew to design different configurations for the week’s events.

The creative crew kept some structures as stand alone challenges that guests raced to from the yacht on the SIPABOARD E-SUPS  and SCHILLER WATER BIKES . For the other structures, they utilized D-rings and connection straps, connecting the structures to each other, in order to configure and customize various layouts for the family-friendly water tournaments.  Let’s explore some of the elements that built this type of AQUA PARK.


The Ultimate Mountain of the Sea

The Jungle Joe and Freefall Extreme Slide

This monster of a climbing structure created endless hours of fun and adventure for the Jenna Charter with its multiple climbing holds, multi-level terraces and platforms. The teens and adults on the charter were challenged with coordination and teamwork, as they raced their way to conquer the JUNGLE JOE’s  towering apex, then down the 10 ft high integrated FREEFALL EXTREME slide.


A Water Playstation

The Jungle Jim

Two pyramids are even better than one, and that’s why we added in the JUNGLE JIM. It provided multiple interior and exterior climbing routes, numerous jump areas and even an integrated cave area for their water games.



Rocking To Victory

The Rockit

It was all about coordination, balance, rock and roll on day two when they encountered the mind-blowing ROCKIT. With two sizes to choose from, the Rockit and Rockit Jr. these wild water rockers were a definite favourite of Jenna’s adventurous kids.


The Bouncer

The RICOCHET BOUNCER was a  winner for this family of water enthusiasts. Jenna’s family enjoyed an exhilarating experience launching themselves into the air in gravity-defying jumps and flips. They even had bouncing competitions for the highest jumper with the wildest somersaults, and engaged in friendly battles on the I-Log, an inflatable log for balance and coordination.


Clash Of The Titans

The Foxtrot

With mischievous glints in their eyes, everyone in the group took turns entering the ‘Battle At Foxtrot’, a true test of skills.  As the titans clashed in fierce jousting battles, they used quick reflexes, balance and agility to maintain their footing, all while aiming for their opponent with inflated poles and noodles.


The Ultimate Challenge

The Climbing Wall

The ultimate test of strength, endurance and courage came from the towering  CLIMBING WALL. Alex, Jenna’s 15 year old son, was undeterred by its height and conquered the challenge. With his heart racing and adrenaline pumping, and determination fueling each of his steps, Alex reached the summit in the best time, earning him the title, King Of The Mountain.


Just like the Jenna clan, if you are looking to bring excitement and endless thrills to your charter this season, an aqua park would be a great hit with your guests. They can be as simple or as intricate as you desire, and because they are inflatables, they are an amazing way to add adventure for your guests.

Ocean Premium operates the widest selection of Aquapark Rentals serving the Superyacht Industry today. With our own fine-tuned logistics network we can deliver you Aquapark on board your yacht anywhere along the Mediterranean coast and the Caribbean islands.

For those of you enjoying a vacation in a villa or hotel, Aquapark rental is available on a daily/weekly basis along the French Riviera, from Sanremo to St. Tropez, Costa Smeralda in Sardinia, Amalfi coastline with Capri, along Croatia and Montenegro, Greece, Palma & Ibiza and The Caribbean.

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