WOW Faceoff


This friendly design from WOW is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. Not only will the bright, fun graphic design make you happy, but also the multiple riding positions will provide excitement for you and your group the whole day. 4 riders can sit two on each side facing each other. So going in one direction over the wake two of the riders will be heading backwards through the whip and in the other direction the other two riders will be going backwards. And if everyone wants to face forward you can do that as well. The central deck has room for two riders and one rider can sit in each cockpit facing forward. There is also a side tow point that can tow up to two riders in multiple positions. The recumbent cockpit seats also make the Faceoff tube a great floating island to hang out on after your thrilling ride. The Faceoff makes a great addition to any party at the lake.

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Weight 20.5 kg
Dimensions 59 × 23 × 51 cm


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