Battery FliteCell

2.000,00 2.340,00 

  • 30 AH,
  • 1.6 KWh capacity,
  • 52 V Nominal Voltage
  • High Voltage 58.8 V
  • Low Voltage 42 V,
  • Run time up to 60 min.


Flitecell is available in two models SPORT and EXPLORE with Increase autonomy.

Sport model was dessigned with junger fliteboarders in mind as battery is 12 kg lighter than EXPLORE Flitecell. However the autonomy is reduced to 60 min.

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Fliteboard Features

5’0”, 100L

Suits riders from beginner to advanced.

Enough volume and deck area for early planning.

Easy pop-up, yet still highly manoeuvrable.

Easy to transport.

Fliteboard is easy set-up.

Any body of water (more than 1m deep) becomes a playground. The ocean, rivers, lakes and bays are now yours to explore like never before.

Popular as a second board for use on board Yacht.