Ocean Premium’s Service Tips 🔧 Seabob Winterization

Seabob Winterization – Do’s & Dont’s.

Keep your Seabob in tip top shape!

Blaz from our service centre recommends:


  • Rinse your Seabob thoroughly with fresh water
  • Store it in a dry space and ensure that the room temperature is between 10 and 25 degrees celsius
  • Put your Seabob in transport mode and charge it once per month.
  • Do a post-season maintenance service
  • Repair any damages
  • Send your Seabob only to a recognised Seabob repair centre

  • Don’t charge your Seabob if you see traces of humidity on the charging socket
  • Don’t let your battery level drop below 10%
  • Don’t leave the charger on all the time
  • Don’t postpone repairs until the spring
  • Don’t ignore any reoccuring problems you’ve had during the season



Save your valuable time! Call us and we will make sure your Seabob is ready for the next season.


Ocean Premium provide:

Winter storage