Things have been getting extremely colorful recently at Ocean Premium HQ..


Because, the world’s best diving scooter recently got a healthy new customization palette, which has rightfully seen huge demand!

So, let’s dive a little deeper into the world of SEABOB..

The SEABOB’s extreme power and thrust make this diving scooter strong enough to go into depths that match that of where those amazing sea creatures live. Think selfies with Sharks and Sea Turtles..

The nearly noiseless engine doesn’t disturb the silence underwater or startle anything you might encounter, which is of course a key element of safe and ethical deep sea diving. As a SEABOB diver, you will move with equal agility to sharks and whales, blending naturally into the environment. You’re no longer merely observing from the outside, you’re at one with the environment and experiencing awe inspiring moments.

It’s easy to see why the house of SEABOB is such a powerhouse in water toys in recent years.

Backed by the patented E-Jet Power System, the SEABOB we offer at Ocean Premium allows you to even steer with just one hand! This allows the freedom to use your diving photography equipment which we know is something you’re wanting to hear.

Alongside this, all SEABOB on offer have integrated TFT color displays which ensure you as a diver can see all of the crucial information needed when diving at depth!

With all of this amazing technology, it’s only right that we provide you with the ultimate in customization and visual enhancements, to truly make the adventure your own.

From Bi-Color to Lumex, your company logo to a fully customized piece of artwork, at Ocean Premium we can absolutely provide you with a SEABOB that is 1 of 1 and unique.

Because, Ocean Moments are all individual!

Make your choice and explore further..