Seabob Do’s and Don’ts

Seabob Action Shot

Following this simple guideline of do’s and don’ts will help insure that your Seabob is ready when the season starts.

Better than cure!

Prevention is better than the cure!

Seabob Error

Seabob Do's

  1. Rinse your Seabob thoroughly with fresh water

  2. Store it in a dry space and ensure that the room temperature is between 10 and 25 degrees celsius

  3. Put your Seabob in transport mode and charge it once per month

  4. Do a post-season winterization preventive maintenance

  5. Repair any damages to the surface, or refurbish the entire hull for optimal results

  6. Send your Seabob to an authorized Seabob repair center only.

Seabob Dont's

  1. Don’t charge your Seabob if you see traces of humidity on the charging socket

  2. Don’t let your battery level drop below 20%

  3. Don’t leave the charger on all the time

  4. Don’t postpone repairs until the spring

  5. Don’t ignore any reoccurring problems you’ve had during the season

When it comes to efficiency, every millimeter counts!

When was the last time you’ve serviced your Seabob?

Since most people mainly use their Seabob on the water surface, there are no big pressure variations. Because the o-rings don’t expand and conduct, they become stiff and give in.

Send your Seabobto us for diagnostic tests, maintenance checks, and services.

We’ll exchange o-rings, search for potential leaks and cracks, exchange worn components, and make it ready for the season.

Blaz Seabob Technician

“We have always had friendly and efficient service from Blaz and his crew at Ocean Premium. They have dealt with repairs and servicing of our F5 and F7 Seabobs, as well as solving a few tricky Segway issues over the years. I would highly recommend working with them and will continue using them in the future.”

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