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Tiwal Experience

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Remi is a 19-year old from Paris. He’s enjoying his vacation with friends Tania, 21 and Mandy, 19. Remi is quite fond of Mandy 🙂 They are spending most of their time on a yacht with their parents who wanted to make sure they have the time of their life.

Although the folks are quite cool, Remi, Tania and Mandy wanted to have time for themselves … an awesome time for that matter. They’ve decided to try new water toys everyone has been talking about. These are their stories.

Sail away!

Have you ever sailed in the middle of the ocean? Without seeing the coastline at all? Well, I have!

On Saturday, we arrived to Sanremo. Nice city. Crowded like most tourist destinations, but we’re cruising around most of the time so don’t really care.

Anyway, that’s not the point. Sailing is! I’m so glad Tania saw that Facebook ad. Turns out that here is a company that rents awesome stuff, such as jetskis and wakeboards and Seabobs. Yesterday we decided to try Tiwals – sailing dinghies you simply inflate. In just 3 hours, they were delivered to our yacht.

So today, we woke up super early and got them into the water. Mandy was sooo funny! She’s never been sailing before and she fell off like 50 times. But I have to give her credit for stubbornness – after 2 hours, she sailed like a pro.

Such an amazing feeling! When the wind is right and you just glide through the water. Swoosh! And splash! Mandy is in the water again 🙂

At one point, there was just the three of us. The coastline disappeared from our sight completely and everything around us was blue. We didn’t even see our yacht anymore. I guess that this is what freedom tastes like.

But the blue-ness didn’t last for long. Mom realized she couldn’t see us anymore and there was a bit of panic. Classic. And our yacht came back into sight. We’ve stayed in the water until sunset and decided to keep Tiwals for a few days more so everyone can have their turn.

Next, I want to try Sabob. Diving pics look great!

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