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Water Toy Rentals

For questions related to your rental booking, drop-offs and/or pick-ups, locations or rental products and accessories you can check out our FAQs or talk directly to Barbara. She’s here to help you in a flesh!

Water Toy Purchase

For questions related to purchases of water toys or accessories and New build supply send us a message or call us directly to the contact bellow.

Water Toy Warranty & Repairs

For questions related to repair of water toys send us a message or call us directly to the contact bellow.


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Be The First

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Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed we do mainly specialise in providing water toy rental services to superyacht community. Having said that, recently we have started to provide rental services to villas and luxury resorts.

Water Toy Rentals are available throughout Ocean premium Bases in:


1. Mediterranen Sea
2. Caribbean Sea
3. South Florida & Bahamas
4. Maldives


Cruising elsewhere? No worries. It is common for us to organise delivery to world remotest places.
Yes! Visit our online shop section at www.oceanpremium.com/store and buy with ease.
Need advise or suggestions? Call us @ +31 618940507 and ask for JJ.

Sure! All Water Toys are inspected and delivered on-board fully charged and ready to go!

Sure! You can download it here. Please spread the work around. Thank you!

Yes! Security deposit needs to be paid in full or CC needs to be put on file before the delivery of the water toys on board can take place. Security deposit is released as soon as our pick-up team confirms the condition of the returned water toys.

Booking needs to be confirmed 72h before planned delivery.

For bookings with short notice (for example: evening booking for the next morning delivery) please make contact us to avoid delays.

There isn’t any restrictions really. However we do not offer hourly or half-day  rentals. A daily rental is a minimum.

You can find all specific technical, operational, safety information and limitations for all water toys on related product page. Start browsing here!