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Seabob - The World's fastest watersled is our ultimate bestseller. It is the fastest underwater scooter in the world, available in 9 colors! The Seabob is a must have on every yacht!

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Freestyle Cruiser - Yacht Slide

Yacht Slides

Freestyle Cruiser Yacht Slide is the world's first custom made, sealed-air inflatable water slide for megayachts made with the finest materials and fully customized for your yacht!

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The 1# Worldwide Toys Rental Service

We rent Seabobs, Flyboards, Jetskis, Tenders, Inflatable Aquaparks and Yacht Slides. For a day, a Week-end, short or long term. Perfect choice on board for charter Yachts.

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Seabob Rental

The Largest Seabob Rental fleet in Mediterranean & Caribbean.
Seabob Rental

Seabob Rental

Jetski Rental

Popular Yamaha & Seadoo jetskis with accessories.
Jetski Rental

Jetski Rental

Flyboard Rental

Incredible Flying machine.
Flyboard Rental

Flyboard Rental

MasterCraft Rental

Luxurious tender. A must have for any yacht or water sports.
MasterCraft Rental

Mastercraft Rental

         The slide and pool are inflated and both have proved popular with guests.

First Officer, Danel Sutton, S/Y Maltese Falcon

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Ocean Premium - Toys for Superyachts


is a Seabob Adriatic Brand for supply of Premium Toys to Megayachts.

Official distributors of Seabob, Freestyle Cruiser Yacht Slides, Aquaglide Infatables, Flyboards, Jetlev Flyer, SeaDoo and Yamaha jet skis.
Our Efficiency, Response time, 24/7 Support to Superyacht throughout the whole year and Availability of goods has made us the strongest Mediterranean supplier.

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Oceanpremium - Freestyle Cruiser
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Extreme Toys

  • Flyboard - water toy
    Built to order. Now Shipping Internationally. Please inquire   12h Express Delivery on-board...
  • Cayago Magnum Limited Edition
    In Stock. Now Shipping Internationally. Price net   78.000 €   12h Express...
  • Jetlev
    In Stock. Now Shipping Internationally. Price net   100.000 €   12h Express...